Are You Ever Too Old To Get A Dog?

By Richard Cross | Dog Q&A

I’m considering getting a new dog, but don’t know whether I am too old. Do you think anyone is ever too old to get a dog?


I don’t think there is a defined age when you shouldn’t get a dog, but as you get older there are certainly some considerations you should take into account.

The main problem is not your age now, but in 10-15 years time. Will you still be able to give the dog the exercise and attention it needs then? The average dog will live to over 10 years, so this is something you should consider carefully.

If your physical condition prevents you from giving your dog the regular walks it needs to stay healthy then this could also be a problem.

However there is certainly no reason why anyone should not consider getting a dog. If you feel you can care for it properly (including financially) for its entire lifetime then they can provide great companionship. This could also be a reason to look adopt an older rescue dog.

It really doesn’t come down to age, but your own physical condition and circumstances.

Hope that helps!

Richard Cross

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Richard Cross is a dog writer from the UK. He's written hundreds of articles and guides on dog behaviour, training and health. When he's not walking or playing with his two golden retrievers, he enjoys watching sports and reading.