Canine Spay Recovery Time – What To Expect

By Richard Cross | Dog Health

Getting your canine spayed can be a difficult time for a new owner, as it isn’t always obvious what to expect. Your vet should always take you through what will happen to your dog and what to expect, but it’s good to know at least a little about what will happen beforehand.

What Is Canine Spaying?

Spaying is the removal of the dog’s uterus and ovaries. While it is quite complicated surgery it is so commonly performed that the risks are not high. You’ll need to talk with your vet about the specific risks to your dog.

Why Should I Get My Dog Spayed?

Apart from the prevention of the dog having puppies, getting your dog spayed has several other advantages. Notably these include a decreased risk of developing certain types of cancer and the fact that there will be no bloody discharge that would usually occur when the dog is in heat.

What Is The Average Canine Spay Recovery Time?

It’s difficult to say exactly what the normal canine spay recovery time is but in most cases the younger the dog is the less recovery time required.

If your dog is a young puppy then it could be as little as a day before the dog is back to its normal self. It may take a few days longer for it to become 100% normal, but often it doesn’t take long. Older dogs usually take a bit longer but again can be fine within a few days. You should ask your vet about your dog specifically as he or she will be able to provide you with more accurate information.

You should try to ensure that your dog doesn’t run around too energetically for at least a week or two after the surgery.

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