How To Cut Dog Hair Correctly

By Richard Cross | Grooming

Cutting dog hair is one of the basic grooming tasks, and if you want to become a professional dog groomer or just cut your own dogs hair, you’ll need to develop the clipping skills.

Cutting or clipping a dogs hair can be one of the more daunting aspects of dog grooming. Not all breeds need to be clipped of course, but if your dog has a single coat then the hair won’t shed and hence will end up looking a complete mess if left unattended.

If you don’t feel comfortable with learning how to cut dog hair, then it is nearly always best to visit your local professional groomer who’ll be able to do a high quality dog. It is possible to learn though.

First of all, when using clippers you need to make sure you’re properly prepared. You can be fairly sure that your dog isn’t going to leap at the chance of having its hair cut, so try to start clipping it from as young age as possible. It isn’t impossible to start later on, but you’ll find it much harder.

Next, you need to find out information about your dogs coat and what it should look like. There are plenty of websites for specific breeds that will give great tips and advice for your specific breed. It’s often a good idea to watch a professional do it before you have a go, just so you know what the dog should look like. Don’t expect the dogs coat to look as good as the pros made it look first time, but at least you’ll have something to aim at!

Safety is so important when you’re cutting your dogs hair. You want the experience of being clipped to at least be bearable for your dog. If it’s painful, you’ll have even more difficult next time! Here are a few things to think about when it comes to clipper safety:

1. Choose the right clipped blade for your breed. There are different blades for different breeds, so do some research into the one that is right for your dog.

2. Make sure the blades are nice and sharp so that the hair isn’t pulled too much,

3. Use clipper coolant to keep the blades from getting too hot. Make sure you keep checking the temperature, you don’t want your pooch burnt!

Now you’ve prepared properly and you’re as safe as can be, you’re ready for your first clip!

The first stage is to go round the bits that are the least neat and tidy them up. It’s probably not a good idea to go for a full clip to start with, but by tidying messy areas up both you and the dog can get used to the clippers.

Make sure that there are no mats in the dogs hair before you start clipping. You can brush or comb these out before starting.

As you move through your first cut, keep checking to see how it’s going. Watch for any signs up stress from your dog, and make sure you’re not taking too much off.

The first clip is always the hardest, but doing is definitely the best way to learn how to cut dog hair!

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