The Basics Of German Shepherd Training

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German Shepherds by nature are very energetic dogs. They make great pets but need to be properly trained! It they aren’t they can cause havoc in your home. Trained German Shepherds can make fantastic family pets, but you have to go about the training a little differently to usual. German Shepherd training requires more perseverance and patience than for other breeds, although if trained correctly they can do pretty much whatever the owner wishes to teach.

First of all consider joining a good dog training class – preferably one that has expertise in training your breed. This gives a chance for your dog to interact with other puppies as well as teaching you and the dog how to train effectively. German Shepherds are very intelligent breeds and love to learn, so stimulation and exercise is extremely important. Training classes can provide the much needed mental stimulation.

Like any dog the earlier you start training the better. If possible you should start light training from almost the moment you first get the puppy. This doesn’t mean that training an older dog is impossible, but it will be harder. Training from a young age is even more important for German Shepherds at even as puppies they can be quite large and boisterous.

Like any dog German Shepherd training requires patience and a solid routine. Try to train in short bursts spread throughout the day so that your dog gets used to training sessions. Keep the training fun and if possible use games to keep the dog interested. The more fun you and the dog have training the easier it will be.

Remember that if you have a family try to get them all involved in training. It is important that each family member knows how you are trying to train the dog so there is a consistency in your training methods. This will avoid the dog getting confused.

German Shepherds may try to test boundaries during training. It is important to carry on with your training routine as planned even if the dog does go through a phase of ignoring your commands. It needs to know you are the leader of the pack.

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