What’s The Best Time Of Year To Get A Dog?

By Richard Cross | Dog Q&A

Hi Richard, is there a “best” time to get a dog? If so when is it? I’m thinking of getting a dog over Christmas but have heard lots of bad things about this.


In most cases there is not a general “best” time of year to get a new dog – it depends on your own situation.

When your dog is a puppy it requires the most attention, so you should try to get it when you have the most free time to devote to it. This can help with establishing a training routine and building a bond with the puppy.

I’d advise against getting a puppy at Christmas or any other big holiday though. Although we all enjoy Christmas, it can be a more stressful time than we realise. This is definitely not the right state of mind to be in when you get a new dog.

Hope that helps!

About the Author

Richard Cross is a dog writer from the UK. He's written hundreds of articles and guides on dog behaviour, training and health. When he's not walking or playing with his two golden retrievers, he enjoys watching sports and reading.