24 Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs (Great for Rainy Days!)

24 of the best indoor activities for dogs

These 24 indoor activities for dogs are great for additional enrichment. They shouldn’t replace walks, but can keep your dog entertained – especially when outdoor time is restricted due to bad weather, health problems, or age. Canine enrichment is more than just a daily walk. Dogs also need mental stimulation to stay happy and reduce … Read more

Dog Tail Tucked Between Legs: Meanings and What To Do About It

A guide to why your dog's tail might be tucked under his legs

Have you noticed your dog’s tail between his legs? This is a common body language signal – here are the most common reasons. A dog’s tail is surprisingly multifaceted. It can help with balance, serve as a scent spreader, and is an important communication tool. Certain breeds also have particular tail characteristics, developed for functional … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

A guide to why dogs love squeaky toys

Are you being driven round the twist by your dog’s toy squeaking? If so, you might be wondering why a squeaking sound is so rewarding for your pooch. Yes, it can be entertaining to watch a dog make it their life’s mission to destroy the squeak. But it might not seem so sweet when you … Read more

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Smell Like Ammonia?

A guide to why a dog's urine might smell like ammonia

Have you noticed a change in the smell of your dog’s urine? An ammonia smell could be a symptom of a health problem. A sudden change in your dog’s toileting habits can signal an underlying problem. These changes aren’t always something to worry about. But there can be occasions when they indicate a potentially significant … Read more

How to Socialize a Puppy With Other Dogs, Humans, Sounds and Places

A guide and checklist for puppy socialization

Did you know a 2017 study showed nearly a third of puppies get minimal socialization opportunities? This is a worrying statistic, as a lack of socialization can increase the chance of a puppy developing fears of dogs, strangers, loud noises, traffic and other aspects of daily life. Under-socialized puppies are also more likely to develop … Read more