Is Pork Bad For Dogs?

Is it safe for dogs to eat pork?

Dogs naturally eat meat, so most owners don’t question which types are healthiest – especially when a variety of meats are included in commercial dog foods. But is pork bad for dogs? And can it even be dangerous? Let’s find out. Dog foods containing pork are all the rage at the moment. Pet stores stock … Read more

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?

A quick guide to why your dog pees on your bed - and what to do about it

Has your dog started peeing on the bed? Don’t get angry – he’s not doing it to get back at you! Here are the most common reasons this problem develops, plus tips on how to stop it. There’s no doubt about it: having a dog that pees on your bed can be a very frustrating and … Read more

Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On Me?

Why Does your Dog Put his Paw on You?

Have you noticed your dog putting his paw on you when you stroke him? Or while you’re sitting on the sofa? Keep reading to find out why! Dogs use their paws to communicate. They have evolved over thousands of years alongside humans, so they have an extraordinary capability to apply this form of communication to … Read more