Rebecca Morello

Dog Trainer

Rebecca is an IMDT-accredited dog trainer, qualified assistance dog trainer, and previously worked for a major canine adoption organisation. She also has a passion for animal welfare. In her free time, she loves taking long walks with her cavapoo and husband.


Canine Behaviour

Positive Dog Training

Rescue Dogs

Assistance Dogs

Qualifications: IMDT Accredited, UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter, Accredited Guide Dog Trainer

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc (Hons)), Diploma in Canine Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour



Rebecca Morello is a qualified and accredited dog trainer. She is passionate about teaching dog owners to understand their pets better and how to use kind, force-free training methods. Drawing on her background as a paediatric nurse, Rebecca is uniquely positioned to tap into the emotional and behavioural aspects of canine ownership.

She started her career in the canine field by training as an assistance dog trainer for a prominent UK organisation and went on to work at a major canine adoption centre. Here, she implemented training plans for hundreds of dogs, helping them find their new homes.

Since starting her dog training business, Mindful Paws, Rebecca has helped train hundreds of dogs in the UK with a variety of behavioural issues using ethical methods. These include separation anxiety, reactivity, and destructive behaviours.

Outside of her professional life, Rebecca is a keen hiker, often exploring with her dog, Nutmeg. She also has a big heart for rescuing small, abandoned animals, providing them with a safe and loving home.


Rebecca began her professional journey in the field of paediatric nursing. She earned a BSc in Nursing, graduating with first-class honours, and worked in a variety of hospitals and hospices in South England. However, her love for animals led her to transition to dog training.

Rebecca initially trained as an assistance dog trainer for a major UK organisation and later worked at a well-known canine adoption centre. It was during this time that she earned the qualification of an Accredited Guide Dog Trainer.

Further, she is IMDT accredited and a member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter, adding to her credentials as an accomplished dog trainer.

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