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5 Best Couch Covers for Dogs: Protect Leather Couches, Sectional Sofas, and Recliners

Couch covers can keep your sofa looking (and smelling) fresh. Here are five of the best couch covers for dogs, along with a useful guide to finding your perfect match.

Dogs are family, and there’s no better feeling than snuggling up on the sofa. But, no matter how much we love them, those canine sofa snuggles can cause a lot of damage to your couch. 

Even if your pup stays off the sofa when you’re home, they could be digging cushions or leaping on furniture when you’re out. There’s also always the chance they’ll sneak in a snooze when you’re not watching. 

Couch covers protect your furniture from dog hair, debris, dirt, and drool. Designed to provide a barrier between your furniture and doggy destruction, couch covers help to keep your sofa looking and smelling fresh. 

In this article, I’ll share my top five favorite couch covers for dogs, and show you what to look for when making your purchase.

Fit Deluxe Sofa Cover

Our #1 Pick: Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Pet Cover

Quilted cover with non-slip backing

Our top pick for a couch protector is the excellent Sure Fit Deluxe. Available in a range of covers, this high-quality cover has a luxurious quilted design and a non-slip back. It also has a sanitised finish to prevent odor build-up.

Why Buy Sofa Covers for Pets?

A chewing or digging dog can quickly destroy a sofa. But even if your pup doesn’t dig at cushions, he’ll still shed hair and drool over the sofa (or even lick the cushions.) Just moving around can also damage the exterior due to sharp claws – and toilet accidents are always a possibility! 

As the name suggests, couch covers for dogs protect your couch from the wear and tear that comes with dog ownership. 

Made from either closely fitted or loose fabric, they wrap around your couch to create a cozy, yet dog-proof barrier.

Here are the main reasons you should buy a couch cover for you and your pup:

  • Keep your couch looking its best. We love our dogs, but the unfortunate truth is that they’re pretty messy. Whether they’ve just got back from a muddy walk, or decided your sofa is the best place to rub their drooly face, it’s safe to say your pup does not have cleanliness at the forefront of their minds. A couch cover will protect your living room furniture from everything your mucky pup throws at it. 
  • Prevent claw marks, rips, and tears. Leather sofas are at particular risk of rips and tears caused by your pup’s claws, but any fabric can be damaged. It doesn’t matter if you keep claws trimmed, those doggy nails will scratch up your favorite couch if you don’t protect it. 
  • Combat dog odor. Our canine pals can get rather stinky. Once this odor has seeped into the fabric of your sofa, it can be difficult to remove. A couch cover absorbs doggy smells and prevents them infiltrating your furniture. 
  • Create a chewing barrier. Puppies, in particular, love to chew, but any bored or inquisitive dog may decide to have a nibble on your furniture. Using a couch protector is a great way to shield your couch from damage (although it won’t stop an aggressive chewer or destructive dog.)
  • Keep the hair off. Our canine friends deposit fur all over your home, and the couch is no exception. Using a couch cover is a smart way to prevent a build-up of fur in the fabric of your sofa. 
  • Toilet troubles. We all get caught short sometimes. But if you have a new puppy, elderly dog or non-house trained pooch, the chances of an unfortunate accident become much greater. Covering your couch with a waterproof or water-resistant cover will make cleaning up easier. 

Keep in mind that a sofa protector won’t completely prevent damage. If your dog actively tries to chew and dig the sofa, a cover may not last long. Most are also water-resistant rather than fully waterproof, so some fluid may still seep through – especially if accidents aren’t cleaned up immediately.

For protecting your sofa from accidental scratches, shed fur, and the occasional accident, however, the best couch covers do a great job.

Tip: Need help with keeping your home clean? You may want to read our guides to dog doormats, paw washers, and stain removers. We’ve also written a guide to getting rid of a dog smell in the house.

Which Are The Best Couch Covers for Dogs?

There’s a huge range of couch covers for dogs on the market to choose from – but they’re not equal when it comes to quality. 

Here are my top five best couch covers for dogs, based on fit, comfort, style, and level of protection. 

1. Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Pet Covers

Fit Deluxe Sofa Cover

Perfect for keeping your sofa looking its best, the Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Pet Cover is stylish, comfortable and comes in a choice of five colors to match your decor. 

With a quilted velvet outer and high-loft polyester batting, this sofa cover feels luxurious to touch and is sure to be a hit with the whole family (not just your pup.)

The generous size provides almost complete sofa coverage, which is great for protecting your furniture from scratches and dog hair. We also like that the box quilt stitch pattern features leak-proof seams, to limit damage from toilet accidents. 

It’s relatively easy to fit, as you simply lay the cover over your sofa and tuck in the edges. It doesn’t have straps, but the long backdrop and non-slip microfiber backing help to keep it in place. However, this is unlikely to be secure enough if you have a large, heavy dog or a pup who likes to dig.

Another feature is the ‘Acti-Fresh’ protective exterior. This is a sanitized finish that helps to prevent odor build-up between washes, although you’ll still need to wash it regularly. 

We also like how Sure Fit offers matching covers to fit chairs and loveseats – so your pup can have their own spot on all your furniture. 

Why We Recommend It: The Sure Fit is one of the best couch covers for dogs. It offers excellent coverage and has a soft quilted surface that’s comfortable to sit on. The Acti-Fresh exterior also helps to keep odors at bay.
Key Features:
  • Straps?: No
  • Size Options: One size – 76 x 50 inches
  • Color Options: Sable, Chocolate, Ivory, Gray, Burgundy
  • Great coverage and protection
  • Soft quilted exterior for added comfort
  • Sanitised finish to prevent odor build-up
  • No straps

2. FurHaven Water-Resistant Furniture Protector

FurHaven Water-Resistant Reversible Furniture Protector

If you’re fed up with muddy paw prints over your sofa, the FurHaven Water-Resistant Furniture Protector could be just what you need. Available in a choice of three reversible color combinations, this quilted sofa cover is super comfortable and offers great protection. 

Made from high-quality polyester, this sofa cover is soft, yet durable. So, it’s tough enough to resist damage from your pups’ claws, but cozy enough for them to take an afternoon nap.

The Furhaven Furniture Protector also features a special water-resistant coating, making it great for soggy dogs, and the pinsonic thread-free quilting is designed to prevent any seepage from reaching your sofa if an accident occurs. 

Measuring 117 x 75 x 0.25 inches, this sofa protector is a good size that’s suitable for most standard-sized sofas. Thanks to its triple cushion anchors, it’s easy to fit and the sturdy elastic strap keeps it from slipping once on – great if you have an exuberant pup.

This model is fully machine washable for ease of cleaning and is also available to fit chairs and loveseats.

Why We Recommend It: The Furhaven is a durable couch cover that still provides a comfortable resting surface. It has a water-resistant coating and cushion anchors to keep it in place. This cover is also machine washable.
Key Features:
  • Straps?: Yes
  • Size Option: One size – 117 x 75 x 0.25 inches
  • Color Options: Espresso/Clay, Gray/Mist, Navy/Light Blue
  • Durable cover to protect your sofa
  • Several available colors
  • Cushion anchors to keep it in place
  • Only one size available

3. Elegant Comfort Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

Elegant Comfort Reversible Sofa Cover

Another great choice for dog-proofing your sofa is the Elegant Comfort Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover. 

Made from 100% polyester, this sofa cover is soft to the touch and quilted for added comfort. It comes in a choice of four dual-sided color combinations that are reversible, so you can flip it over to freshen up your decor. 

This sofa cover is both soil-resistant and water-repellent – making it great for protecting your sofa from dirty paw prints, scratches, dog hair or accidents. The material is durable too, so it won’t rip or tear if your pup likes to leap all over it. 

At 110 x 75.5 inches, the Elegant Comfort Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover offers great coverage that’s suitable for most standard-sized, non-leather sofas. The long back panel makes it easy to fit, while the included tie straps ensure it stays firmly in place.

If you have a really mucky pup, it’s worth keeping in mind that this cover isn’t machine washable. Instead, you’ll need to wash in cold water by hand and air dry, which may become frustrating if you need to wash it often.

Why We Recommend It: The Elegant Comfort is a soft quilted cover that’s also water-repellent. It’s relatively durable and can be reversed, although it’s not machine-washable so you’ll need to clean it by hand.
Key Features:
  • Straps?: Yes
  • Size Options: One size – 110 x 75.5 inches
  • Color Options: Cream/Taupe, Chocolate/Cream, Burgundy/Black, Black/Gray
  • Durable cover with great coverage
  • Tie straps to keep it in place
  • Not machine washable

4. Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket

Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket

If your dog likes to stick to his own special part of the sofa, the Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket could be a good choice. It protects a smaller area, but provides good value and doesn’t hide your sofa’s appearance.

With an ultra-soft, pad-style design, this blanket will help to keep dirt and hair from accumulating in your pup’s favorite spot as they snooze. We like that it’s double-sided. One side features plush Sherpa fabric that’s perfect for snuggling, while the other has a printed twill pattern for a stylish look. 

This blanket isn’t waterproof, so it’s less suitable for muddy paws or unexpected accidents. Its super-soft design is great for older or calm dogs that like to nest down and relax, but it’s not durable enough to withstand the punishment of an excitable pup. 

This blanket is available in a choice of two sizes and three colorful geometric patterns, so there’s something to suit every placid pooch. It can be washed in the machine for convenient cleaning, and its small size makes it a good option for keeping your pup calm when traveling, too. 

Why We Recommend It: The Frisco Sherpa is a great choice if you only need to protect a small section of your sofa. It’s a soft blanket that’s comfortable for your dog to lie on, and is available in two sizes and three colors. It’s not waterproof though.
Key Features:
  • Straps?: No
  • Size Options: Small (40 x 30 x 0.25 inches), Large (50 x 40 x 0.25 inches)
  • Color Options: Sky Tone Geo Print, Gray Basket Weave Print, Navy Herringbone
  • Perfect for protecting your pet’s favorite sleeping spot
  • Double sided design
  • Provides value for money
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Not waterproof

5. Bone Dry Oversized Sofa Furniture Cover

Bone Dry Oversized Cover

Last on our list is the Bone Dry Oversized Sofa Cover. Available in a wide range of nine colors and offering generous coverage, this large sofa protector is great for keeping your furniture looking fresh.

Made from a combination of polyester and polyester blend, the Bone Dry Oversized Sofa Cover is soft and comfortable for both yourself and your furry friend. We like that all color options are fully reversible, but some choices also have a slightly different tone or pattern on one side – so you can switch up your decor in just a few seconds. 

Unfortunately, this cover isn’t suitable for use with leather sofas. But it’s a good choice to keep dog hair and dirt from reaching couches up to 78-inches in width. 

It’s important to note that the material is not fully waterproof – but it will still protect your sofa if you quickly remove it after an accident. Should your pup have some potty trouble, it can be easily washed in the machine alongside your other laundry.

Why We Recommend It: The Bone Dry Sofa Cover isn’t suitable for leather sofas, but for other types it’s an excellent choice. It’s soft and comfortable, plus the cover is water-resistant to provide at least some protection should your dog have an accident.
Key Features:
  • Straps?: Yes
  • Size Options: One size – 132 x 86 inches
  • Color Options: Beige/Print, Beige, Chocolate/Print, Chocolate, Cranberry/Print, Cranberry, Gray/Print, Gray, Navy
  • Water resistant to protect your sofa
  • Straps to keep it in position
  • Reversible design
  • Not suitable for use with leather sofas

How to Choose a Couch Furniture Protector

There’s a large gap in quality between the best and the worst sofa covers. 

In this section, I’ll tell you all you need to look for when choosing the best sofa cover for you and your pooch. 

Size and Type of Sofa (Modern, Sectional, Chair, Loveseat and Recliners)

There are many options when it comes to sofa covers. Some are designed to cover the entire sofa, while others are intended to cover a small section.

It’s vital that you measure your sofa carefully before ordering, otherwise your cover may be too small to protect your couch, or too large to stay secure without slipping. 

Many manufacturers also offer sizes cut to fit loveseats, sectional sofas, chairs, and recliners, so you can coordinate your furniture to match.

Not sure which style to choose? Here are the most common types of couch covers for dogs: 

  • Sofa Blanket. Blanket covers are by far the most popular style. Comfortable and convenient to use, blanket covers are usually just draped over your sofa and tucked around the edges to provide complete protection. However, this type of cover is more likely to slip, so look for those that have elasticated straps or an anti-slip textured backing.
  • Sofa Slipcover. Slipcover sofa protectors are designed to snugly fit over your sofa. They look great, offer all-round protection, and don’t slip – but they are more difficult to size. 
  • Pad. Pads are much smaller than standard sofa covers. Much like a dog blanket, they are designed to protect a limited section of furniture. They are great for calm or elderly pooches who don’t move around much, but are more likely to slip out of position than other options. 

Durable Materials

Durability is key when choosing a sofa cover, and this is especially true if your dog is a big, strong breed. 

Large dogs with big claws are, on average, going to put more pressure on your sofa cover than a little breed (unless the little dog is a digger!) While it can help to keep your pooches’ claws trimmed up, this alone isn’t enough to prevent rips and tears.

We recommend looking for couch covers that are made from tough materials to withstand punishment from your pup. Reinforced seams and double-stitching at the edges are also a good indicator that a sofa cover can resist wear and tear. 

Adjustable Straps or Frictional Backing to Stay in Place

Before deciding upon a cover, it’s vital to check how it will attach to your couch. This is important because it determines how well the cover will stay in place when your pup jumps around.

Couch covers feature a variety of attachment methods. The best option is elasticated straps, as these are secure and effective on smooth surfaces, such as leather. 

Other covers may have textured, non-slip backing to grip your couch. This method can be more convenient than straps, but is less secure and you’ll probably find yourself having to frequently reposition it.

Lastly, a few couch covers adhere to your couch with a sticky backing. This method can be fairly secure, but it can also lose effectiveness with time and may leave marks on your furniture.   

Style and Color

To keep your furniture protected from doggy damage, you’ll need to keep your couch cover on most of the time. Therefore, it makes sense to choose one that looks good and matches your decor.

Thankfully, couch covers for dogs are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Some models are even reversible, so you can easily switch up your style if desired. 

That said, we recommend opting for a cover that is a similar shade to your pups’ hair, so it’s less likely to show up. 

Waterproof or Water-Resistant Design

It’s a good idea to choose a couch cover that has either a waterproof or water-resistant design. 

There’s always the possibility of an accident, and this becomes increasingly likely with puppies, elderly dogs or non-house trained pooches. 

Truly waterproof covers are difficult to find. This type of cover will prevent any fluid seepage into the fabric at all. Instead, the liquid will pool or bead on the surface. 

On the other hand, water-resistant covers are widely available. Water-resistant covers don’t offer total protection, but they will delay fluid from seeping through to your couch. If your pup pees on it or you spill your coffee, a water-resistant cover buys you time to deal with it before your furniture gets soiled. 

Machine Washable

As a dog owner, it should come as no surprise that couch protectors tend to get dirty quickly. 

Sure, you can shake or brush off the pet hair and debris deposited by your pup – but sooner or later, you’ll need to give your couch cover a deep clean to keep it looking and smelling fresh. 

We recommend looking for a machine washable cover. These can be simply thrown in a washing machine with the rest of your laundry for fuss-free cleaning that doesn’t interrupt your day. 


Couch covers are a fantastic tool for protecting your furniture from canine carnage. By creating a barrier between your sofa and your beloved pup, all the hair, smells and mucky paw prints that come with dog ownership are less likely to reach your couch. 

Each of the covers I’ve reviewed make excellent choices in their own right, but my overall favorite has to be Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Pet Covers

Available in a choice of five different colors, this sofa cover is generously-sized, secure and provides great coverage. The quilted velvet outer, combined with high-loft polyester batting is comfortable, while leak-proof seams prevent any unpleasant accidents from seeping into your furniture. 

I also like how the Acti-fresh finish works to fight doggy odor buildup, and the fact that it’s machine-washable is a welcome bonus. You can get matching covers for chairs and loveseats, too – so you don’t have to sacrifice style for cleanliness. 

Whatever model you go for, remember to measure your couch seat width carefully to ensure a perfect fit. A pet couch cover that’s too loose won’t stay put, and one that is too small won’t cover your sofa properly. 

Do you have any questions about choosing the best couch cover for your dog? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!


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