Dog Canopy Beds for Protection or Style – Which Are The Best for Your Pet?

These canopy beds can provide either protection or allow your pet to sleep in style

Does your pet need a shaded sleeping spot during the summer months? Or are you looking for a little more style than the average bed? Whatever reason you want a dog canopy bed, here are five of the best options.

Dog canopy beds can be divided into two categories: those built to provide protection and those built for style.

The first - also known as elevated canopy beds - provide shade and shelter when a dog is sleeping outdoors.

These beds have a raised sleeping surface to promote air circulation, which reduces the chances of your pet overheating. Some (but not all) are also built with a folding design so they can be taken camping or hiking.

There are plenty of elevated canopy beds on the market, but not all are worth buying. Make sure you choose a bed that's durable, comfortable and has a breathable mesh fabric for extra cooling. If your dog is a chewer, a chew-proof frame is essential.

It's worth noting that these canopies are usually not waterproof, nor are they designed to be left outside in all weather. They ​are built to provide shade - not as an all-weather shelter.

The second category - stylish canopy beds - are not designed for outdoor use. Instead, they have fun or fashionable canopies that are suitable for indoor use. 

While these beds should still be comfortable, they don't need to be as durable as an outdoor option. They are great if you want to pamper your pup though!

To help you choose the best canopy dog bed for your pet, here's a list of five of my favorite products. I've included a mix of stylish and functional beds, so make sure you read each review to find the most suitable option.

5 Best Canopy Beds for Dogs

Quick Picks:

RankNameRatingKey FeaturesPrice
#1SUPERJARE Elevated Dog Cot with CanopyExcellent elevated bed with breathable fabric$$$
#2Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' ElevatedGreat alternative to the SUPERJARE for small dogs$$$
#3Little Dove Pet TeepeeStylish teepee bed for small dogs (indoor only)$$$
#4K&H Elevated Pet Bed BundleSolid elevated bed but less durable than other options$$
#5Royal Splendor Pet Metal CanopyOrnate indoor bed - but you'll need to replace the cushion with something more supportive$$$

Scroll down for more information and mini-reviews of each of our top picks. For a list of the best dog beds of any type, click here.


1. SUPERJARE Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed With Canopy

If you're looking for a durable canopy bed that provides a shaded sleeping surface, the SuperJare Elevated Dog Cot is a great choice. It features a breathable mesh fabric, portable design and durable frame, so it's perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Let's start with the basics. The SUPERJARE has an elevated sleeping surface made with breathable 1680D Oxford fabric. The frame is made from steel, so it's strong enough to hold dogs up to 120lbs (if you choose the large option), and a canopy is included. Steel elevated beds are also able to withstand heavier chewing and scratching.

​There are two sizes available: medium and large. While the canopy is great for sun protection, you can detach it for indoor use. A bonus is that the frame doesn't require any tools to put together.

​A downside is that the fabric is not machine washable. You'll need to manually clean the SUPERJARE with a mild soap and then allow it to air dry - although this is true for all elevated beds. It's also a shame there isn't a foldable design, as this would make it much more convenient to take on trips.

Even so, if you want a straightforward elevated bed with a removable canopy, the SUPERJARE is an excellent choice.​

Note: If you just need an elevated bed without a canopy, check out this page.​

Why We Recommend It: The SUPERJARE Cot provides a comfortable and shaded sleeping surface for your pet. It's simple to put together, built with a breathable mesh fabric, and the steel frame is highly durable. The middle beams also ensure your pet has plenty of support.

  • Material: Breathable 1680D fabric & steel frame
  • Sizes Available: Medium, Large
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Detachable canopy for sun protection
  • Durable design
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Not foldable (although it's easy to disassemble) 
Floppy Dawg Just Chillin

2. Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' Elevated

For smaller dogs that need shade, the Floppy Dawg Just Chillin is another excellent canopy bed. The steel frame provides great durability, even if your dog is a chewer. It also has a breathable mesh fabric and a lightweight design.

The Floppy Dawg has a similar design to the SUPERJARE Elevated. It's made with a breathable 1680D Oxford fabric, which increases airflow and helps keep your pet cool. It also has a steel frame and dome-shaped canopy.

A common issue with elevated dog beds is that they are unnecessarily difficult to put together. The Floppy Dawg doesn't have the easiest instructions, but once you've done it a couple of times the process is straightforward.

​There are a few drawbacks though. The largest size is only 36" long, which probably isn't enough for big breeds. It also doesn't fold - although it's easy to take apart when travelling.

​Despite these issues, the Floppy Dawg is an excellent canopy bed. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry outdoors, while the durable frame and material mean it should last.

Why We Recommend It: The Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' is a sturdy elevated bed with a great canopy. It's lightweight, built with breathable mesh and helps keep your pet cool during hot weather. While it's a great choice for small or medium breeds, it probably isn't big enough for large dogs.

  • Material: Breathable 1680D Oxford fabric & steel frame
  • Sizes Available: Medium, Large
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Lightweight yet durable design
  • Breathable mesh sleeping surface
  • Good value for money
  • Not foldable
Little Dove Pet Tent Teepee

3. Little Dove Pet Teepee

While it's not strictly a canopy bed, I thought the Little Dove Teepee deserved a mention as it shares many of the same features. It's an attractive indoor bed that's great for small dogs - especially those that feel more comfortable sleeping in an enclosed space.

As you can see from the photo, the Little Dove is a luxurious bed with a stylish teepee design. The fabric is machine washable, which is important for a cream bed, and it can be folded down when not in use.

It's worth noting this bed is not designed to provide outdoor shade or to be used as a tent. It's an elegant option that's great for dogs that feel safer when in a "den" - but for outdoor sleeping, go for one of the elevated options.

A drawback is that the basic version doesn't come with a cushion. This is common for luxury products - and there's always the option of using your existing dog bed - but for the full effect you'll need to buy the 24-inch cushion as part of a bundle.

It's also not designed to withstand chewing or digging. If your dog has a habit of destroying beds, or your puppy is still going through the teething stage, it's probably not a good choice!​

Why We Recommend It: If you're looking for an elegant bed with an enclosed sleeping space, the Little Dove is a brilliant choice. It features machine washable fabric, can be folded down, and has a beautiful design. Be aware that it doesn't come with a cushion as standard though - you'll need to purchase the bundle to get it.

  • Material: Pine Poles & Cotton Canvas
  • Sizes Available: Standard
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to put together and folds down
  • Canvas can be machine washed
  • Pillow not included with the basic version
Elevated Bundle

4. K&H Elevated Pet Bundle

K&H Pet Products make some great dog equipment - and their elevated bed + canopy bundle is a decent alternative to the other outdoor options on this list.

The K&H Elevated Bundle combines the company's standard cot, which has made with a metal frame and 600 denier fabric, with a water-resistant canopy. As the canopy is sold separately, it's easy to detach for travelling or when it's not needed.

Like the other elevated beds on this list, it's easy to put together and disassemble, but you'll need to clean it manually with a damp cloth. There are four sizes of cot available - ranging up to 50" length - so it's a great choice for almost any breed (make sure you choose the right size canopy though).

The biggest drawback to this bed is that the fabric isn't as durable other products. It may show signs of wear over time and certainly won't withstand digging. For everyday use by a calm dog, however, it's a solid option that's relatively cheap.

Why We Recommend It: While the K&H Elevated Pet Bed may not be the most durable option, it provides decent value and comfort for your pet. The breathable fabric and canopy make it a good choice for warm weather.

  • Material: 600 denier fabric & metal frame
  • Price Range: $$
  • Good value for money
  • Strong metal frame
  • Easy to put together
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Fabric cannot withstand digging
Royal Splendor

5. Royal Splendor Pet Metal Canopy

Who said dogs don't deserve luxury? If you want to treat your pet like a prince or princess, while adding an elegant item of furniture to your house, this canopy bed could an option to consider.

The first thing that stands out about this bed is the bejeweled design. It doesn't have a canvas canopy (if you're handy at DIY there's the option of draping some small curtains though), but the wrought-iron frame topped with a crown make it one of the most luxurious dog beds on the market - at least in terms of appearance. 

The Royal Splendor Pet Bed comes with a cushion covered in animal-print velvet. This provides an opulent finish - although the cushion itself is hard and doesn't provide the same comfort as other options, so you may want to replace it. It also can't be removed for washing.

​There are a few other drawbacks to this bed. It's not the easiest to put together, so you may want to enlist a second pair of hands. It's also only available in one size, so it's only suitable for small dog breeds.

The biggest issue I have with this bed is that it's not as supportive or comfortable as other options. This can be fixed by adding a "real" bed and just using it for the frame, but this adds to the total cost.

There aren't many dog beds that can match the ornate style of this one though. So, if you've got a small dog and want something a bit different for your home, it might be worth considering (as long as you add a machine washable and comfortable cushion).​

Why We Recommend It: With its wrought-iron frame and bejeweled crown, this is one of the most elegant beds on the market. It's let down by a hard and uncomfortable cushion though - so I only recommend it if you replace this with one that's supportive, soft and machine washable.

  • Material: Wrought iron frame
  • Sizes Available: One size
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Elegant design
  • Wrought iron frame
  • Not as expensive as it looks!
  • Cushion is too hard and thin - must be replaced by a softer bed
  • Difficult to assemble


Some canopy dog beds are great for providing shade in the garden or when camping. Others add style and elegance to a room - especially compared to the average dog bed!

My top pick for an elevated canopy bed is the SUPERJARE Elevated Dog Cot. It's a straightforward bed with breathable mesh, elevated design and steel frame, so it's perfect for outdoor use in warm weather.

I hope this article has helped you choose a canopy dog bed for your pet. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know using the form below.

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