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5 Best Reflective Dog Collars for Greater Visibility

Do you walk your dog at dusk or dawn? A reflective collar can make it easier for motorists, cyclists, and other dog owners to see your pup. Here are five of the best reflective dog collars.

Thousands of dogs are tragically hit by cars each year, with many of these accidents happening in the dark. Keeping close control of your dog when near roads is the best way to keep your pet safe, but it’s also important to make sure he’s visible to cars or other people. 

A reflective dog collar is one way to help people catch sight of your dog. As the name suggests, these reflect light from headlights, street lamps or other light sources, making your pup more visible in the dark.

Unfortunately, many reflective collars are cheap, weak, and only reflect a small amount of light. We’ve listed five of the best reflective collars for dogs to help you decide.


Our #1 Pick: GoTags Personalized

A reflective collar with embroidered phone number

My top pick for a reflective dog collar is the GoTags. It has plenty of reflector material, embroidered contact number, and is available in a range of different colors, making it a great all-rounder.

Why Buy a Reflective Dog Collar?

Reflective collars have patches of high visibility material sewn into the primary nylon, polyester or leather. These patches reflect back light from car headlights or torches, making your dog easier to see.

While reflective collars aren’t the only way to increase the visibility of your dog, they can be useful when walking near roads with lots of light sources. When combined with a reflective leash, harness or dog coat, they can make your pet much easier to spot.

It’s important to note the difference between reflective dog collars and LED collars though. LED dog collars have a power source to emit light, which means your dog is always lit up. In contrast, reflective products just reflect light from other sources, so they only help when your dog is illuminated by cars or other lights.

What to Look for in High Visibility Collars

The main thing to look for in a reflector collar is lots of high visibility, reflective material (unsurprisingly!) Some products have tiny reflective patches, which may not reflect much light even when illuminated by a strong source.

There are also a variety of types of reflective material. 3M reflective materials are often a good choice, as they reflect more light back to wherever it came.

Make sure there is reflective material around the entire collar, as this ensures light is reflected from all angles.  

Other considerations include:

  • Adjustable Size. Most collars come in a variety of sizes, but it’s still important to choose one that has a range of adjustable options. This ensures you can get a snug fit that isn’t too tight. In general, you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar. Make sure you measure your dog’s neck size carefully before buying.
  • Buckle Type. Pin buckles, like those found on human belts, are often the strongest option. Quick-release buckles are more convenient and fine for most breeds though.
  • Width. Wider collars spread force across a larger area, which makes them more comfortable. The downside is that they are heavier, so small dogs may prefer a thinner alternative. A wide collar width is also less important when walking a dog with a harness, which is a safer and less painful option for the dog.
  • Contact Information. The primary purpose of any collar is to ensure your dog is easy to identify when he gets lost. Collars that are embroidered with your contact information are often the best choice, as they don’t have a tag that can be snagged and ripped off.
  • Durable and Strong Material. Nylon collars are strong, durable and relatively lightweight, so they are nearly always the best choice. Leather collars are also strong, but have a tendency to stretch over time.

Reflective collars are just one way to keep your dog visible at night. I also recommend a reflective dog harness and leash, along with a torch to ensure your pet is always illuminated. For maximum visibility, it’s hard to beat an LED collar, especially when walking in unlit locations.

Tip: Need more help choosing your dog’s collar? Take a look at our full guide.

5 Best Reflective Collars for Dogs

Listed below are five of the best reflective dog collars. I’ve chosen several different types, including padded, embroidered and 3M collars, so read each review to find the right option for your pet.

1. GoTags Personalized Reflective Collar (Embroidered)

1. GoTags Personalized Reflective Collar (Embroidered)VIEW PRICE

The GoTags Personalized is my top pick for a reflective collar. It comes embroidered with your dog’s name and a phone number, so it’s great for identifying your pet. It’s also highly reflective and brilliant for improving your dog’s visibility.

One of the great things about the GoTag is the large reflective strip. Rather than just reflective stitching, most of the collar is able to reflect light, so your dog is more likely to be spotted.

I’m also a big fan of collars with identification stitched into the material. You never know when an ID tag is going to get ripped off by a stray branch or other dog, which could mean your pet is much more difficult to identify.

Other features include a steel D-ring and an adjustable size. It’s also available in three different sizes and a variety of colors, plus you can choose both the collar and thread color.

I don’t think the GoTags is the most durable collar on the market though. The plastic quick-release buckle is fine for most dogs – and I don’t recommend walking a dog with a leash attached to the collar anyway – but it probably won’t withstand pulling from a heavy breed.

If you want both stitched ID information and reflective design, however, it’s probably the best dog collar on the market.

Why We Recommend It:

The GoTags is our top recommendation for a reflective dog collar. It has plenty of reflective material and comes in a range of colors. We also like the embroidered identification information, as this makes it easier to ID your dog.

Key Features:
  • Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Width: ⅝ Inch (Small), ¾ Inch (Medium), 1 Inch (Large)
  • Price Range: $$
  • Embroidered pet information rather than a dog tag
  • Lots of reflective material
  • Great value

2. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

2. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Nylon Dog CollarVIEW PRICE

If you’re looking for something stronger than the GoTags, the Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty collar is a great alternative. It’s made with ballistic nylon material and a metal pin buckle, so it’s one of the most durable collars on the market.

The Tuff Pupper is made with dual 3M reflector stitching. There isn’t as much reflective material as the GoTags, but the 3M material is still highly reflective and makes your dog easier to see in the dark.

Unlike lower quality options, the Tuff Pupper has a 3mm ballistic nylon exterior for extra durability. It won’t stop a determined chewer, but is less likely to break on a walk.

Other features include padding for added comfort, 6 different colors, and a bungee handle for when you need quick control. I’m not a big fan of this type of handle – I think it’s much safer to use a handle on a harness as force is spread evenly across the dog’s chest – but it can still be useful in an emergency.

It’s quite a bulky dog collar though. For pups that hate collars, a thinner and lighter design might be a better choice. It’s a great option for medium or large dogs though.

Why We Recommend It:

The Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty isn’t quite as reflective as the GoTags, but makes up for this with excellent durability and a stylish design. The 3M reflector stitching also does a great job of making your pet more visible.

Key Features:
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Width: 0.6 Inches (Small Size), 1 Inch (Medium Size), 1 Inch (Large Size)
  • Price Range: $
  • One of the toughest collars
  • Dual 3M reflector stitching

3. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Dog Collar

3. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Dog CollarVIEW PRICE

The Blueberry Pet Reflective collar has a brighter design than the more “tactical style” Tuff Pupper, but it has similar 3M reflective stitching. It’s not as reflective as the GoTags, as only part of the stitching is made with 3M material, but certainly makes your pooch more visible than a non-reflective collar.

Unlike many other dog collars, the Blueberry Pet is made with polyester rather than nylon. Polyester isn’t quite as strong as nylon, but it tends to be cheaper and a bit quicker to try, making it a good option for pets that like swimming.

An interesting feature is the double D-Ring structure. These combine to increase the strength of the leash attachment. The Blueberry Pet is also available in a wide range of fun colors, so there’s likely to be one that matches your pet’s personality.

Note: Blueberry Pet produces a whole range of products with similar designs, so you can buy a matching leash or harness.

Why We Recommend It:

The Blueberry Pet is a stylish collar with reflective 3M material. It also has a double D-ring for extra security and is available in a wide range of color schemes.

Key Features:
  • Material: Polyester
  • Width: 3/8 – 1 inch depending on size
  • Price Range: $$
  • Stylish design
  • 3M reflective stitching
  • Wide range of colors

4. Nimble Waterproof Pet Collar

4. Nimble Waterproof Pet CollarVIEW PRICE

The Nimble Waterproof pet collar is built with a strip of reflective cloth, making it a decent choice for helping your dog stay visible in low light conditions.

Like the Blueberry Pet Collar, the Nimble is made with polyester rather than nylon. This makes it cheaper and quicker to dry, although at the expense of strength. As you would expect from a basic collar, it’s made with a quick-release buckle rather than a pin buckle.

It’s also available in five colors and three sizes (the bright yellow option is a great choice for extra visibility).

I don’t think it’s as strong and durable as other collars though, despite having a zinc D-ring. If you have a calm dog who walks on a harness, it’s a good option for the price. If you have a furry friend who charges through undergrowth, or several dogs who like to play fight, it probably won’t last long.

Why We Recommend It:

The Nimble reflective dog collar is a versatile option that provides a decent amount of reflective material. It’s not as strong as some of the other options on this list though.

Key Features:
  • Material: Polyester
  • Width: 5/8 – 1 inch depending on size
  • Price Range: $
  • Three sizes and five colors
  • Metal D-ring
  • Reflective cloth design

5. Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Adjustable Dog Collar

5. Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Adjustable Dog CollarVIEW PRICE

The Black Rhino might not be quite as reflective as some of the other options on this list, but it’s a high-quality collar that’s strong, comfortable, and great for active dogs.

As with other collars on this list, the Black Rhino has reflective stitching to make your dog more visible. I would have liked more reflective material, however, as the Black Rhino isn’t as high-vis as other options.

One of the great things about the Black Rhino is the neoprene inner padding. It’s also available in five color schemes and can fit dogs with neck girths ranging from 11” to 22”.

It’s also a highly durable collar. It won’t stand up to heavy chewing, but it’ll last longer than inferior collars. This is partly due to the strong exterior, but also the metal buckle.

My biggest complaint about this dog collar is the large “Black Rhino” on the label. I don’t enjoy my dog becoming a walking advert – even if it is an excellent product!

Why We Recommend It:

The Black Rhino is a durable reflective dog collar that has plenty of padding, so it’s a comfortable product for most dogs to wear. It’s not quite as reflective as other options though.

Key Features:
  • Width: 3/4 – 1 inch depending on size
  • Price Range: $$
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Neoprene padding
  • Reflective stitching


Reflective dog collars won’t make your dog highly visible in the dark like an LED collar, but they can make it easier for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians with torches to spot him.

My top pick for a reflective collar is the GoTags Personalised Dog Collar. It’s not the most durable collar on the market, but has plenty of reflective material. It also comes with your dog’s name and a contact number embroidered into the material for easy identification.

Do you have any questions about choosing the best reflective dog collar for your pup? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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