Richard Cross

Richard is a journalist who specialises in dog behavior. He's written hundreds of articles and books related to dogs, including for the Continental Kennel Club, Dog Fest (the UK's biggest dog festival) and various veterinary surgeries. When he's not spending time with Jess and Rudy (his beloved Labrador and Golden Retrievers), he enjoys reading, hiking and watching sports.


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Dog Stories

In this section, we bring you uplifting or thought-provoking stories involving our canine companions. These include heartwarming stories of dogs finding their forever home, heroic canines helping others, and examples ... Read more
Benson's Journey to Recovery

Benson’s Brave Battle: A Neglected Beagle’s Path to a Forever Home

In the world of canine rescue, some stories stand out as beacons of hope and resilience. One such tale is that of Benson, a ten-year-old beagle with a spirit that ... Read more
A picture of Darin (Credit: Brought Darwin Home Facebook Group)

Miracle Reunion: The Heartwarming Tale of Darwin’s Rescue After Six Weeks Missing!

Late one cold evening in November, a UK Facebook group erupted in joy: Darwin, a beloved dog missing for six weeks, was finally home with his owner Sue. This was ... Read more

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Dog in prayer position

Dog Prayer Position: Is My Dog In Pain?

The dog prayer position can be a sign that your pet is in pain, especially if your dog is stretching more than normal. When dogs stretch in this way, it ... Read more
White spots on paw pads

White Bumps on Dog Paws: What Can Cause Them?

If you’ve noticed a white bump on your dog’s paws, you’re probably wondering what’s causing it – and for good reason. Bumps and lumps anywhere on your dog’s body shouldn’t ... Read more
Red paws in dogs

Dogs Paws Are Red: Potential Causes and Treatments

Have you noticed that your dog’s paws are red and irritated? Or is your pet licking their paw pads more often than normal? If so, then your dog could be ... Read more
Should you shave an Australian Shepherd?

Can You Shave An Australian Shepherd?

Are you worried about your Australian Shepherd overheating in the summer? Or are you looking for ways to reduce your Australian Shepherd’s shedding? If so, you might have considered shaving ... Read more
Intestinal worms in dogs - how do they get them?

How Do Dogs Get Intestinal Worms?

While most dog owners understandably don’t want to think too hard about parasites, the truth is that intestinal worms are a common problem for our canine companions. Worms can cause ... Read more
Why does my dog go between my legs?

Why Does My Dog Go Between My Legs? Dog Trainer Explains!

Does your dog sometimes sit or stand between your legs? This behaviour is often a sign of your dog’s affection, but it can also be due to anxiety. In this ... Read more
Why do dogs cross their paws?

Why Do Dogs Cross Their Paws?

Does your dog cross their paws when laying down? This behaviour is sometimes called “polite paws” and always makes for a cute photo opportunity! In most cases, there’s no deep ... Read more
Mental stimulation for dogs

Mental Stimulation for Dogs: 7 Activities for a Happy Pup

Every dog owner knows that daily walks are important. However, mental stimulation for dogs is often overlooked, which can lead to boredom, unhappiness, and unwanted behaviours. In this guide, I’ll ... Read more
Do Australian Shepherds shed?

Do Australian Shepherds Shed? The Simple Truth

The quick answer is that Australian Shepherds do shed their hair. They’re not the heaviest shedding dog breed, but they have a thick undercoat and long topcoat that both moult ... Read more
A dog greeting stretch

Dog Greeting Stretch: What Does It Mean?

Have you noticed your dog stretching when they see you? This is probably a greeting stretch – and it’s a very positive behaviour! Dogs sometimes give a deep bow or ... Read more
Symptoms of sickness in dogs

How to Tell Your Dog is Sick: 18 Symptoms of Canine Illness

There are many potential signs that your dog is sick. These range from obvious symptoms, such as vomiting, to more subtle behavioural changes. To help you recognise when your dog ... Read more
Can you use human conditioner on a dog?

Can You Use Human Conditioner On Dogs?

It might be tempting to use a human conditioner on your dog, but this isn’t a good idea! Human conditioners can lead to skin dryness, flaking, and irritation, as they ... Read more
Breeds with long tails

13 Dogs With Long Tails (Pictures For Each Breed!)

Dog tails range in size, from tiny corkscrew tails to long sickle tails. In this article, we’ve listed 13 dogs with long tails – including the breed with the current ... Read more
Fluffy tail dog breeds

23 Dogs With Fluffy Tails (Pictures For Each Breed!)

Many dogs have fluffy tails, ranging from toy breeds to sled dogs. In this article, we’ve listed 23 of our favourite dogs with fluffy tails, along with information about the ... Read more
Wagging tail in a circle

Dog Wagging Tail In A Circle – What Does It Mean?

Have you noticed your dog wagging their tail in a circle? This behavior, often called “helicopter tail”, is usually a sign of pure joy from our canine companions. Let’s take ... Read more