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Street Dog With Only Two Legs Finally Gets A New Pair of Limbs

Amira the street dog was found in Thailand in 2021 with only two limbs and, tragically, a bullet wound in her head.

She had miraculously survived, but after being rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation – an organization focused on rescuing Thai street dogs – it was touch-and-go whether she would make it.

Fortunately, Amira managed to pull through, thanks to the wonderful care provided by vets, veterinary nurses, and other staff. She was then adopted by a loving family in Canada.

Amria almost instantly settled into her new home, forming a close bond with everyone in the family.

“Amira was found at nine years old after she had been shot in the head,” says her new pet parent Lara Pleasence on the Inside Edition YouTube channel. “She had lived her whole life without her front legs, so she was literally crawling around trying to survive.”

Despite her hard life, Amira is always a happy and gentle dog. As soon as she arrived at her new home, she lept into her new family’s laps and showed them immediate love.

Her new family takes wonderful care of her, and she gives a lot of love in return. “We can learn so much from these dogs, like the fact that she’s left all her trauma behind and is focused on [present],” says Lara.

Amira originally learned to get around using a wheelchair, which gave her independence but didn’t allow her to sniff the floor. Despite being told by 20 companies that Amira was unsuitable for prosthetics, Lara persevered and eventually found a company called 3D Pets, which was willing to give it a go.

The results were spectacular! While it took some getting used to, before long Amira was walking around much more easily than before. She could travel further, walk up curbs, and sniff the ground much more easily than in her previous wheelchair.

This story shows just how adaptable and loving dogs can be. Despite entering her senior years and having a history of abuse, disability, and immense struggle, Amira could still learn to trust again. All she needed was the love of her forever family.

She also proved that some older dogs can learn how to use prosthetics! We hope that this story encourages prosthetic companies to consider older dogs that might benefit from their products.

Please visit Soi Dog Foundation to learn more about the work they do for Thai street dogs. To find out how Amira is doing, visit her Instagram page.


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