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About The Dog Clinic

Welcome to! We know the internet can be a confusing place for owners. That’s why we created The Dog Clinic to help responsible dog owners (like you!) care for their dogs using positive and science-backed methods.

Positive and ethical

Positive & Ethical

The Dog Clinic believes dogs should only be trained using positive methods.

Expert reviewers

Expert Reviewers

Our content is fact-checked by dog trainers, veterinarians, and canine experts.

Dog Bowl

“Dog-First” Philosophy

We only recommend methods and tools that truly benefit your dog.

The Dog Clinic’s Goals

Our Mission: Since 2008, the goal of The Dog Clinic (owned by APT Performance Media Ltd) has been to provide reliable, modern, and ethical information to dog owners. Our team of dog trainers, vets, and other experts want to help owners develop a strong bond and deep understanding of their canine companion, while giving dogs the best possible care.

Our Team: We have a team of expert writers creating content, including dog trainers, veterinary surgeons, professional writers/journalists, and knowledgeable enthusiasts. While their backgrounds and expertise vary, each provides outstanding insight into their chosen topics.

Our Philosophy: The Dog Clinic has a “dog first” philosophy. We only recommend products, training techniques, and information we believe are kind and beneficial to the dog. No “alpha dog” methods! (read our Ethics page for more information)

More About Our “Dog First” Philosophy

In short, our “dog first” philosophy means we always put the dog’s needs above other factors, such as convenience, quick fixes, or cost.

We believe it’s every dog’s right to have a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life. Dogs are wonderful and complex creatures, and as owners, it’s our duty to give them the best possible life. To do that, every owner needs to understand canine behavior and avoid resorting to short-term fixes.

For this reason, we stand for positive training methods that don’t rely on physical punishment or fear. We’re also against negative training tools such as shock collars, choke chains, invisible fences, and other outdated devices. You can read more about this in our training section or our FAQs.

Meet The Team


Richard Cross

Richard Cross

Richard is a dog enthusiast and head editor at He’s been fascinated by dogs since a young age and, like most dog lovers, can’t imagine life without a canine companion.

He setup this website to share his experience with other dog owners. His goal is to help people develop an even stronger bond with their dogs, whilst promoting kind and compassionate training methods.

Alex Terris

Alex Terris
Managing Editor

Alex takes care of everything behind the scenes at The Dog Clinic, including managing the website, social profiles and various research tasks.

He also loves dogs and is a firm believer in a positive, kind and ethical treatment of our canine friends.

Content Review Board

One of the primary goals of The Dog Clinic is to provide accurate and reliable advice that dog owners can trust. There is already far too much misinformation about dogs online, which ranges from unhelpful to flat-out dangerous! That’s why we have a team of vets and dog trainers to review our content and ensure the information is accurate.

Our Expert Review Process: Whenever you see a “tick” icon at the top of a page followed by “Fact Checked By:”, that means an expert has reviewed the content on the page. We list the name of the expert who reviewed the content and their qualifications, and you can click them to learn more about the expert reviewer.

Dr Linda Simon

Dr. Linda Simon, MVB MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a veterinary surgeon who qualified from UCD, Dublin. Since qualifying, she has worked in a range of clinics in London (including the RSPCA and Goddard’s).

Linda uses her veterinary experience to review and fact-check our canine health articles. She also writes articles for The Dog Clinic, such as her guide to canine dementia symptoms.


Rebecca Morello, IMDT ADUK
Dog Trainer

Rebecca is our canine behaviour expert. She’s an IMDT-accredited dog trainer, qualified assistance dog trainer, and has also worked for a major adoption organisation. She now runs Mindful Paws.

Away from work, Rebecca loves spending time with her beautiful cavapoo – see above for a photo! She also enjoys hiking and travelling – but her true passion is spending time with dogs.

Content Team

Tonya Wilhelm

Tonya Wilhelm

Tonya Wilhelm has been a dog training and cat care specialist for over two decades. She has traveled the US promoting positive ways of preventing and managing behavior issues with a holistic approach.

Named one of the top ten dog trainers in the US, twice, she has helped thousands build happy relationships with their dogs with humane, positive training methods.

Kelly Rowett

Kelly Rowett

Kelly is a full-time freelance writer who’s passionate about pets and animal welfare. In the past, she has volunteered at shelters and veterinary clinics, worked as a part-time pet-sitter/dog walker, and played a hands-on role in rehoming street animals from the Middle East to forever homes in Europe.

When she’s not writing about pets, you’ll find her hiking coastal trails with her rescue pup, Sidney.

Kathryn Byrne

Kathryn Byrne

Kathryn is a freelance writer who has loved dogs from a very young age. She has over 20 years of experience in training her own dogs and is passionate about positive training methods that deepen the bond between people and their pups.

Outside of writing, Kathryn is always on the hunt for the best dog-friendly hiking trails in her home state of Vermont.

Staci Miller

Staci Miller

Staci is a professional writer and dog enthusiast who recently made the move from Scotland to the USA. She’s a huge believer in positive reinforcement and fear-free dog training.

When not writing, she spends her time volunteering with animal charities and trying to keep up with her Australian shepherd, Aloy.


Gemma Johnstone

Gemma is a writer and official dog nut, with over 15 years of experience in the pet industry. She researches and writes many of our gear guides, while travelling Europe with her rescue dog (Annie.)

Aside from writing, Gemma previously owned a dog shop and has worked for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She’s currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour.

Where to Find Us

Aside from our website, you can also find us on:

How to Contact Us

The easiest way to contact us is via our email form, which you can find here. If you want to contact a specific writer you can leave a comment on one of their posts. We love hearing feedback – good or bad – so don’t be shy about getting in touch.

You can also use the following emails and phone numbers to get in touch:

  • For general enquiries, please contact our team at [email protected]
  • For feedback about our content, please contact the editorial team at [email protected].
  • For advertising requests, please contact our media team at [email protected]. You may also want to view our Press Kit.
  • Phone: +44 33 3303 4683
  • Address: The Dog Clinic, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
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Working With The Dog Clinic

The Dog Clinic is owned by APT Performance Media Ltd. We are always looking for writers who are passionate about dog welfare to join our editorial team. If you’re a canine expert, we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, please send your resume and samples to [email protected]. You can also contact us via our LinkedIn page.


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  1. Richard,
    I share in your passion and love of dog ownership, and applaud your desire and intentions for creating the “Information” based website.

    The potential rewards are endless, life changing for both owner and animal. The Love no doubt “Unconditional”. I tell my dog “I Love Him” every day. I have always been guided by the “Think We…Not Me” approch.

    Thank You.. for caring enough to share even more.

    Enjoy your day.

    Jeff Unger

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