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Dog Health

Are you worried about your dog’s health? Or is your pup behaving strangely and you want to know why? This section is for everything related to doggy health.

Dog wearing the cone of shame

Noticing a potential health problem in a dog isn’t always easy. Dogs can’t tell us where something hurts or what they are feeling – and many dogs hide that there is a problem at all. That’s why it’s vital to pay close attention to your dog’s behaviour so you can notice subtle changes.

Once you’ve noticed a change in behaviour or other symptom, the next step is to get a diagnosis. You should always consult a professional veterinarian for this, as we don’t provide medical advice at We do provide information about various conditions though.

Some of the issues we cover in this section include:

  • Diet. What can dogs eat? And what should they avoid at all costs?
  • Health Problems.What are the symptoms or common health problems in dogs? How are they treated? How does exercise and diet affect health?
  • Strange behaviour. If your dog is behaving differently, it’s important to work out what’s causing it
  • And much more…

About the Dog Health Section

The posts in this section of the site are designed to help you if you suspect your dog has a health problem. However, none of the posts are written to provide veterinary advice and we always recommend seeing a vet as soon as possible if you notice a health problem or strange behaviour from your dog. Dogs can quickly deteriorate if untreated for health conditions, so contacting a vet promptly is vital.