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Dog Q&A

This section is dedicated to you: a reader. If you have any questions about dogs, you can ask them and we’ll answer in a post. You can see all previous questions below.

Our questions and answers section

Our main goal is to help readers have the strongest possible relationship with their dog. Part of building that relationship is understanding your dog’s behaviour, needs and feelings.

That’s why we created this section. By providing a place where you can ask anything about your dog, we hope to help you and other people with similar issues.‚Äč

Please note that we can’t answer medical or veterinary questions – for that you should always speak to a qualified vet.

You can ask a question on any dog-related topic, but here are some popular examples:

  • Behaviour. Sometimes dogs behave in ways that are difficult for us to understand. Ask us anything about your dog’s behaviour and we’ll do our best to decode it for you.
  • Thoughts and Feelings. Dogs have been bred to live with humans, but we often get confused about what they are really thinking.
  • Training. Is there a specific problem you want help with? Ask  and one of our team will try to help.
  • Anything else you want to know!

How to Ask a Question

Do you have a question about your dog or canines in general? You can contact us at any time using the contact page. You can also ask questions via Twitter.