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Benson’s Brave Battle: A Neglected Beagle’s Path to a Forever Home

In the world of canine rescue, some stories stand out as beacons of hope and resilience. One such tale is that of Benson, a ten-year-old beagle with a spirit that defies his troubled past.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of PACT animal shelter’s volunteers, vets, and staff, Benson’s story is not just one of survival, but a heartwarming testament to the power of love and care.

Benson’s Sad Arrival

Benson was given up to PACT in December 2019 because he had started to have indoor accidents. Indoor accidents are relatively common for senior dogs – Benson was ten, after all – but this alone was enough for his previous owners to give him up.

It might not have seemed it at the time, but being surrendered to PACT turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Benson was not being cared for by his previous owners, who had neglected his care. He had numerous untreated health conditions and was also severely underweight. Now, he could finally start getting the help he needed.

PACT’s urgent appeal on Facebook painted a harrowing picture: Benson had clearly been neglected and was in pain. His eyes were the most telling – as they were ulcerated due to untreated dry eye, resulting in irreversible vision damage.

Benson also had ear and skin problems, dental issues, and an enlarged prostate. A large lump on his back further complicated his health. According to PACT, Benson also suffered from parasites, receding gums, and a cataract in his right eye. He was a severely sick dog who needed urgent veterinary treatment.

Benson’s Journey Begins

The response to Benson’s story was immediate and overwhelming. Donations, potential foster homes, and messages of support poured in, and PACT started his treatment as soon as possible.

As PACT shared on Facebook, Benson underwent surgery to address his myriad health issues. During the first round of treatments, he was castrated, had his ears cleaned, polyps and the lump on his back removed, and received dental care.

Sadly, his left eye couldn’t be saved. So, in a follow-up surgery, the troubled eye was removed.

Throughout his ordeal, Benson’s gentle and kind spirit never waned. He remained affectionate and happy, astounding everyone at PACT with his resilience.

Recovery and Renewal

Months of care and love transformed Benson. No longer the frail, sickly beagle, he became a beacon of joy at PACT.

As noted in their newsletter, Benson’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous. From being riddled with infections and malnutrition, Benson emerged as a playful, loving dog, his personality shining through despite losing an eye.

A New Chapter: Benson Finds a Forever Home

Seven months after being rescued, Benson found his forever home. PACT’s Facebook update overflowed with joy and gratitude. Once a symbol of neglect, Benson became a testament to what love and care can achieve.

As PACT bid farewell to Benson, they shared their hope to see him again for his “slobbery kisses.”

The Big Picture: A Lesson in Compassion

Despite the happy ending, the sad reality is that many animals like Benson suffer in silence, waiting for a chance at a better life.

PACT’s unwavering commitment and the community’s support are reminders of the collective power we hold to enact change. As PACT aptly puts it, “Benson’s story isn’t a one-off.”

As Benson settles into his new life, his story remains a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we come together for a cause greater than ourselves.

To learn more about PACT and the amazing work they do, please visit the PACT Animal Sanctuary Facebook Page. They do incredible work helping animals find forever homes, so please consider supporting them if you are able.


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