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Richard is a journalist who specialises in dog behavior. He's written hundreds of articles and books related to dogs, including for the Continental Kennel Club, Dog Fest (the UK's biggest dog festival) and various veterinary surgeries. When he's not spending time with Jess and Rudy (his beloved Labrador and Golden Retrievers), he enjoys reading, hiking and watching sports. You can find him on Facebook or Twitter.

Want to know if dogs can eat seaweed? Keep reading to find out

Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?

By Richard Cross | Dog Health

Seaweed is a popular human supplement, mainly because it contains nutrients such as omega-3, magnesium and iron. Healthy human food isn’t always good for canine companions though – so can dogs eat seaweed? And is it safe for them to eat any type of seaweed? Keep reading to find out. Seaweed is a type of […]

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How to cut your dog's hair

How To Cut Dog Hair Correctly

By Richard Cross | Dog Grooming

Cutting your dog’s hair is an important grooming task. Whether you want to become a professional dog groomer, or just cut your own dog’s hair, it’s important to clip safely. Here are some simple tips on cutting your pup’s hair with clippers. Cutting or clipping a dogs hair can be one of the more daunting […]

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