5 Best Chew Proof Dog Beds for Chewers

These beds won't fall apart at the first sign of chewing!

Many dog beds are described as "durable," but if your dog is a chewer or digger you know this is rarely the case! The good news is there are some truly chew-resistant beds out there - and many provide comfortable support for your pet too. In this article, editor Richard Cross lists five of the best chew proof dog beds.

Dogs can quickly destroy weak beds - so indestructible beds are highly sought after

Have you ever bought your dog a plush, expensive dog bed...only to have her tear the cover and stuffing to pieces?

If this sounds like your pup, you clearly need a tougher bed. The problem is that most dog beds simply aren't up to the job. They might feel comfortable, but the fabric and lining are too weak to stand up to the abuse handed out by a chewer. This isn't just a problem for cheap beds either - even some pricier options aren't designed to handle more than the occasional chew.

The main reason dog owners avoid beds marketed as "chew resistant" is because they are expensive - especially if you want comfort and durability. If your dog regularly destroys his bed, however, they can actually be cheaper in the long run.

In this article, I've listed five of the best chew proof beds for dogs. These products are highly durable, yet still provide a comfortable sleep for your pet. 

What to Look for in an Indestructible Dog Bed

A dog chewing the sofa

Some dogs will chew almost anything if given the chance!

Despite certain manufacturer's claims, there's no such thing as a fully indestructible bed if it's made from fabric. If your dog is determined and​ strong, any bed can eventually tear. Instead, a chew resistant dog bed should be able withstand most chewing from the majority of dogs.

The closest you can get to an indestructible dog bed is a raised/elevated bed made with chew proof materials such as aluminum, PVC and ballistic nylon. These aren't the plushest beds, but can still provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

​Orthopedic or polyester filled beds are weaker, so aren't suitable for the most aggressive chewers. There are some strong options for light of medium chewers though - so the right options depends on your pet.

If your dog is currently a puppy, his razor sharp teeth can cut through almost any weak material - especially if he's teething. The good news is he probably won't have the jaw strength of a full-size dog, so you should be able to find a chew resistant bed that withstands the teething stage. It must have a strong and tear-proof cover though (check out my article about beds for puppies here).

There are also soft or orthopedic beds that are virtually indestructible for small or medium size dogs. It is, however, very rare to find a completely chew proof bed for all dogs (including large and powerful breeds) that's also comfortable to sleep on.

That doesn't mean chew resistant beds are useless though. While these beds may not be able to withstand determined chewing from a big dog over an extended period, they can still last much longer than other options. And if your dog isn't 100% determined to destroy it, the best chew proof beds are close to indestructible.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Bed?

Dogs chew for different reasons. Some like to "nest," which often involves frantically digging to try and make a hole. This can be highly destructive - especially to beds with soft fillings.

Others take great pleasure in finding ways to destroy their pet bed. These dogs are particularly good at finding the weak spots of a bed, such as zippers or loose edges, before dismantling it with ruthless efficiency.​

Some ​dogs just see their bed as a big toy. They'll drag it around, shake it vigorously and generally treat it like a larger version of a stuffed toy. While these dogs might not actively want to destroy the bed, the effect is often the same.

Ultimately, chewing is entirely normal for dogs. So if you want your bed to withstand these treatments, it needs to have a durable cover, no weak spots and strong (yet cozy) filling

There are also a few things you can do reduce chewing other than buying a bite proof bed. Giving your dog a long walk and plenty of mental stimulation (trick training is great for this) each day can prevent boredom, which is a common cause of destructive behavior. You can also try redirecting your pup's chewing onto toys. These methods won't save a weak bed from a determined chewer, but may extend its lifespan.

What Makes a Bed Resistant to Chewing?

As I've mentioned, a near-indestructible dog bed shouldn't have any weak spots. Here are some of the most important design features:

  • Strong Outer Cover. The cover of a dog bed takes the most punishment, so it needs to be tough and strong. Regular fabric won't last long, so look for something with extra durability such as ballistic nylon or kevlar. Ripstop fibres can also stop small holes getting bigger.
  • Protected Internal Filling. Unless you buy an elevated dog bed, it'll have a soft internal filling to make the bed more comfortable. This is always going to be a weak spot, but it's vital that your dog can't access the filling. If you're buying a foam bed, make sure it's dense enough to support your pet and won't sag over time.
  • Waterproof Liner. This isn't related to chewing, but a waterproof cover (or at least water resistant) can be great for increasing the lifespan of a bed - especially if your dog has incontinence or the occasional accident. You may always want to take a look at my list of the best waterproof dog beds.
  • Avoid Zippers (If Possible). It's vital to be able to clean the cover of a dog bed, so most covers include a zipper for quick removal. The problem is  the zipper is like a magnet for dogs that chew. Strong Velcro pads are often a better option, as long as they are hidden. Not having a zipper also eliminates the risk of your dog eating it!
  • No Loose Fabric. Some cheaper dog beds have loose flaps of material. As you can imagine, these don't last long if your dog likes to chew. The best indestructible dog beds are sealed so there isn't an easy place for your pet to latch onto.

Aside from choosing a durable dog bed, it's also important to get one your pup will find comfortable. The key factors are size, style/shape and support.

  • Size. Your dog should be able to stretch out on the bed without hanging off the edges. Even if he rarely sleeps like this, it's good to provide the option.
  • Style/Shape. Dog beds come in several shapes. The most common are rectangular, nesting, elevated and doughnut. Rectangular beds are the safest option, while nesting and doughnuts are great for dogs that like to curl up against something. Unfortunately, the bolsters of nesting beds are easy targets for chewing, so they usually aren't suitable for heavy chewers. Elevated beds aren't as comfortable, but  are the toughest dog beds and also help to keep your pet cool. If your dog is strong and a heavy chewer, an elevated bed (such as the Kuranda in the list below) may be the only type that's durable enough to survive.
  • Support. Foam beds, especially memory foam, are often great if you need an orthopedic option to relieve your pup's joint pain. This is because they provide even support for the entire body. Poly filled beds are usually cheaper and can still be comfortable, but don't provide the same level of support.

Tip: Does your dog chew his collar or harness? Check out my guides to the best chew-proof collars and chew proof dog harnesses. I've also written a guide to chew proof leashes, which you can read here.

Which are the Best Dog Beds for Chewers? (Plus Indestructible Bed Reviews)

Listed below are  five of the toughest dog beds I've found. Each of these beds can withstand chewing - although how durable they are partly depends on the strength and determination of your dog. They also provide great value. Remember that the best bed for your pet depends on his or her individual requirements, so make sure you read the reviews to find the right option.

As you can see from the table below, extra durability and chew proof design often comes at the expense of comfort. This is because the most aggressive chewers can get through almost any soft fabric. If you want a cozier bed that's not as chew proof, take a look at our list of the top-rated dog beds.

ImageNameTypeOur Chew Proof RatingOur Comfort RatingPrice RangeView Price
Kuranda All Aluminum Elevated BedElevated / Raised5/52/5$$$$View Price
Orvis ToughChew Dog BedRectangular with Polyester Filling3/54/5$$$$$View Price
K9 Ballistics Tuff Orthopedic BedRectangular with Orthopedic Foam Filling4/54/5$$$$View Price
Big Barker Orthopedic Crate PadCrate Pad with Orthopedic Foam Filling3/54/5$$$$View Price
K9 Ballistics Cujo CotElevated / Raised5/52/5$$$$View Price
The Kuranda Aluminium is almost indestructible

1. Kuranda All Aluminum Elevated Bed

If your dog is a heavy chewer, my top recommendation for a durable dog bed is the Kuranda All Aluminum elevated bed. This is a heavy duty dog bed that's made with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and tough ballistic fabric (there's also a slightly cheaper cordura option). Even the strongest dogs will have a hard time damaging this bed.

One of the great things about the Kuranda is that the cover edges are hidden within the frame. This, combined with the curved corners, means it's difficult for your dog to access any weak points. You can also use this bed both indoors and outdoors.

As you would expect from such a tough dog bed, it can support heavy dogs of up to 250lbs (you may also want to look at our list of the best beds for big breeds if you have a heavy dog). The cover is easy to wash with a hose - although it can't be removed from the bed to be machine washed.

The downside to all elevated beds is they aren't as comfortable as rectangular or nest beds. If your pet quickly destroys weaker beds, however, the Kuranda is one of the strongest options.

Note: Kuranda also produces a similar bed with a PVC frame. This is a cheaper bed that's still highly durable, but can only support dogs of up to 125lbs.

Quick Summary: If your dog is an aggressive chewer, the Kuranda is probably the best option. It's a sturdy and near-indestructible bed that even the biggest dogs will have a hard time destroying. There are also a range of sizes and colors available.

  • ​Type: Elevated / Raised
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon Platform & Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Sizes Available: 30 x 20 inches, 25 x 23 inches, 40 x 25 inches, 44 x 27 inches
  • Price Range: $$$$
  • Heavy duty and chew proof design
  • Probably the toughest dog bed on the market
  • Easy to wash with a hose
  • Not as comfortable as non-elevated beds
The Orvis is a popular chew-resistant bed

2. Orvis ToughChew Dog Bed

If you're looking for a pet bed that's plusher and more comfortable than the Kuranda, the Orvis ToughChew is one of the best alternatives.

The external surface is a ripstop nylon cover that resists chewing or digging. It's also "rip-proof" in the sense that the material stops small holes becoming bigger. It won't deter the strongest and most determined chewers, but for light or medium chewing it does a good job. The cover is removable for washing and stain removal via the solid brass zipper, although I would prefer a Velcro patch instead of a zip.

The Orvis also comes with a second inner liner. This provides extra protection for chewing - and is one of the main reasons this bed is so strong​

For comfort, the polyester filling provides enough padding for a comfortable sleep. Don't expect the support for joints of an orthopedic bed though, as polyester doesn't mold to the shape of the dog's body. This isn't a problem for healthy dogs, but if your pet has joint pain it might not be the right bed.

Despite being sold as a chew proof bed (Orvid says it's "no match for even the most avid chewers"), I think chew resistant is a better term. It can cope with light or medium chewers - especially if they are small dogs - but aggressive chewers will eventually get through the covers. This is to be expected from a bed that balances a soft feel with durability though.

A downside to the Orvis is the price. This is an expensive bed - especially considering it's not suitable for the most aggressive chewers (at least in my opinion). There's good news though. Orvis offer a "no questions asked" refund if your dog manages to chew through the cover, so there's little risk to trying it.

To give you an idea of the toughness of this bed, check out the video below. The bed is a slightly different version, but is made from the same materials.

Quick Summary: The Orvis TouchChew is one of the best dog beds for chewers if you want something softer than the Kuranda. It won't withstand the most aggressive chewers though.

  • ​Type: Rectangular
  • Material: Polyester Fill + Ripstop Weave Nylon Cover
  • Sizes Available: 28 x 18 inches, 36 x 24 inches, 43 x 29, 53 x 35 inches
  • Price Range: $$$$$
  • Good balance between comfort and durability
  • Two covers for extra chewing protection
  • Plush polyester fill
  • Refund if your dog chews through cover
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Expensive
The K9 Ballistics is suitable for light or medium chewers

3. K9 Ballistics Tuff Orthopedic Bed

The third bed on this list is also the first that's suitable for dogs with joint pain. With its memory foam top layer and ballistic nylon cover, the K9 Ballistics is able to withstand light or moderate chewing whilst providing excellent support to your pet's joints.

As you might know, K9 Ballistics is one of the most popular online dog bed companies - and they are probably best known for their range of chew proof beds (the "Tuff" range). The company offers a 90-day chew proof guarantee, which provides extra peace of mind if you're not sure  the bed is strong enough, and a 10 year "no flattening" guarantee for the foam.

Orthopedic memory foam has a number of advantages over other materials. As it heats up, the foam molds to your dog's body shape. This provides even support across the entire body and eliminates pressure points on joints. Even if your dog doesn't have joint pain, he'll probably still love sleeping on this bed.​

A downside is that the Tuff only comes with a 1.5" memory foam top layer. The rest of mattress is made with 3.5" support foam. While there's nothing wrong with two layers for an orthopedic bed, I recommend getting at least 2" memory foam to give your dog the full benefit of this material if your dog has joint pain (see our guide to the best memory foam beds for dogs for more information). ​I'm not saying that 1.5" memory foam won't improve the feel and support of the bed, but it's not quite enough for complete support - especially for heavy dogs. Even so, the K9 Ballistics Tuff still provides good support for your dog's joints while being durable and tough.

The cover is made from ballistic nylon. This is much stronger than a typical dog bed fabric and is able to withstand scratching, chewing and even water. It also doesn't have zippers. Instead, the cover can be removed using industrial Velcro when you need to wash it.

K9 Ballistics gives this bed a 4/5 chew proof rating - and I think this is a fair reflection of its durability. The most aggressive chewers can get through almost anything other than metal, so this bed won't last against a dog that's determined to destroy it. For small breeds or moderately aggressive chewers, however, it's a great choice that's also supportive and comfortable.

Quick Summary: The K9 Ballistics Tuff is the best orthopedic chew proof dog bed. It's not suitable for the most aggressive chewers, or those with severe joint pain, but it's still strong and can withstand moderate chewing.

  • ​Type: Rectangular
  • Material: 5" foam filling (1.5" memory foam + 3.5" support foam) & Ballistic Nylon cover
  • Sizes Available: 18 x 24 inches, 27 x 33 inches, 34 x 40 inches, 38 x 54 inches, 40 x 68 inches
  • Price Range: $$$$
  • Good support with 5" foam internal filling
  • Highly durable external cover with Velcro instead of a zip
  • 90-day chewing guarantee
  • Not strong enough for the most aggressive chewers
  • Only 1.5" memory foam
The Big Barker Orthopedic crate pad can withstand digging

4. Big Barker Orthopedic Crate Pad

This crate pad is a comfortable and tear proof dog bed, but is NOT chew proof - so why did I include it?

The truth is that it's very hard to find a crate pad that's truly chew proof (see my article about this here) - but I wanted to include one as they are vital for making your dog's crate comfortable. This bed by Big Barker may not be officially chew proof, but it's still a durable option that can withstand digging. ​Digging is actually much more likely in a crate, where your dog isn't able to throw the bed around or get a good grip with his teeth.

So with that disclaimer about the way, what makes the Big Barker Crate Pad such a good option for crates?

Firstly, it's made from 4" foam (2" comfort and 2" support foam). This isn't as supportive as a memory foam bed, but is considerably more comfortable than typical crate beds.​ When your dog lays on the bed, the top layer moulds around his body to reduce pressure points and provide a comfortable night's sleep, while the bottom layer is denser to provide a firmer bottom. The 4" depth also prevents your dog resting on the hard floor of the crate.

The cover is what makes this bed stand out from other crate pads though. It's made from tear resistant material that's also waterproof. This means ​it can withstand digging (which is common with dogs that like to "nest") or in-crate accidents. The cover isn't fully chew proof, but will resist light chewing.

Another great thing about the Big Barker is that it comes with a 10 year warranty for the foam. If the foam sags by more than 10% at any point during the next decade, Big Barker will replace it.​ So if you're looking for an indestructible dog bed for a crate, the Big Barker is likely as close as you'll get.

Quick Summary: Crate floors are hard and unforgiving, so a comfortable pad is essential. The Big Barker is one of the most durable crate pads, as it's able to resist digging and is also waterproof. This is essential for dogs that like to "nest." It can't handle heavy chewing, but will resist the occasional bite and is great for large dogs.

  • ​Type: Rectangular Crate Pad
  • Material: 4" foam filling (2" comfort foam + 2" support foam) & tear-proof cover
  • Sizes Available: 30 x 21 inches, 36 x 24 inches, 42 x 28 inches, 48 x 30 inches (size indicates the crate size it's suitable for)
  • Price Range: $$$$
  • Outstanding comfort for a crate pad
  • Cover withstands digging and is waterproof
  • Provides support for your dog's joints
  • Not chew proof, although will resist light chewing
The K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot is a popular and highly durable bed

5. K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot

The final bed on this list is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Kuranda. Made by K9 Ballistics, the Cujo Cot is a tough bed with a ballistic nylon cover and aluminum frame. It's an ultra sturdy dog bed that's great for heavy breeds - plus it's virtually indestructible.

Unlike the K9 Ballistics Tuff range, the Cujo Cot is suitable for pretty much any dog - including aggressive chewers and big dogs. The edges of the cover are hidden within the frame, so there isn't a tempting edge for your dog to hold. While the cover can be wiped or hosed for cleaning, it can also be removed and is machine washable (cold temperature only).

Like the Kuranda, the Cujo Cot isn't as comfortable as orthopedic or pillowed beds. If your dog chews his bed aggressively, however, then this still provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The raised design also allows air to pass underneath which helps prevent overheating.

As a bonus, the Cujo Cot comes with a 120-day "Chew Proof" guarantee. If your dog somehow manages to damage it during this time, K9 Ballistics will replace it for no cost. I don't think this situation is likely though - this is one tough bed!​

Quick Summary: The Cujo Cot is one of the best dog beds for aggressive chewers, as it's strong and built to last. It's also a cheaper than many softer alternatives.

  • ​Type: Elevated / Raised
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon cover + Aluminum frame 
  • Sizes Available: 20 x 30 inches, 23 x 35 inches, 25 x 40 inches, 27 x 44 inches, 35 x 50 inches
  • Price Range: $$$$
  • "No chew" dog bed with hidden fabric edges
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Suitable for even aggressive chewers
  • Not as comfortable as other beds on this list
  • Doesn't provide support for joints


There are a number of beds on the market that are marketed as "chew proof" - but not many actually are. The durability of a bed also depends on your dog, as aggressive chewers will destroy almost any bed (especially if it has a foam or poly fill).

Fortunately, there are some excellent chew proof beds on the market. The most indestructible is the outstanding ​Kuranda All Aluminum Elevated Bed. With aircraft-grade aluminum and a ballistic nylon platform, most dogs don't stand a chance of damaging it. If you need an orthopedic bed for joint support, the K9 Ballistics Tuff is a great choice - although it's not suitable for aggressive chewing.

I hope this article helps you choose a great bed for your chewing pup! If you have any questions about the best chew resistant dog beds, please let me know in the comments. I'm always happy to help.