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Which is the Best Memory Foam Dog Bed in 2022?

Memory foam is one of the most supportive sleeping surfaces – for both humans and dogs! This means it can relieve pain, prevent stiffness and provide a deeper rest. But which are the best memory foam dog beds? Keep reading to find out.

While memory foam technology has been available for a long time, it has traditionally been expensive. This meant it was usually only bought by rich people or those with health problems.

Fortunately, the cost has dropped in recent years. This is fantastic news for dog owners (and their doggy companions), as there are now many memory foam dog beds that provide great comfort at a reasonable price.

How do you know if your dog really needs a memory foam bed though?

If your pet suffers with joint pain, muscle pain or just general stiffness, he’ll almost certainly benefit from this type of bed. Older dogs also enjoy sleeping on foam that conforms to their joints. Memory foam is an orthopedic material that moulds to the weight and shape of your pet, so it supports the entire body without causing pressure points. This means your dog will be much more comfortable when resting.

This type of bed isn’t just for dogs that need orthopedic support though. Most dogs (and humans) love the feel of memory foam, as it supports the body in whatever position your pup decides to sleep. So if your dog often seems restless or unable to settle on his current bed, an upgrade could make a big difference.

There are a few downsides though. It can be a hot material to sleep on, so it may not be a good choice for dogs that overheat. Gel-infused foam can reduce this issue, but you may want to buy a dog cooling pad for the summer months. The material is also pricier than cheaper dog beds, although it still provides great value.

The DogBed4Less is an excellent choice

Our #1 Pick: Dogbed4less Orthopedic

Excellent memory foam bed with two covers

The DogBed4Less Orthopedic is our top pick for a memory foam bed. It’s made with solid memory foam, which provides comfortable support to your dog’s joints. It’s also available in a range of sizes and has two covers to protect the foam mattress.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Memory foam responds to the heat of your dog’s body. As it heats up, the foam molds around the shape and weight of your pet. Once the dog leaves the bed, the foam cools and returns to its original position.

That’s how it works in theory, at least! In reality, the ability of the foam to support your dog and repeatedly return to its original shape depends on its quality. Here are some factors to make sure you’re getting a high-quality bed.

  • Foam Density. Denser foam is more supportive for your dog and less likely to sag over time. You don’t want it to be too dense though, especially for smaller breeds, as this won’t allow the foam to mold into a supportive shape.
  • Thickness. It’s vital the bed is thick enough to support your dog. Smaller and lighter breeds may not need much depth, but heavier dogs require a dense and thick bed. If a bed is too thin, your pet may sink through and touch the floor.
  • Construction. Some manufacturers use a single slab of foam, while others combine it with layers of support foam. There’s nothing wrong with a multi-layer bed (although it may be less durable), but make sure you know how much memory foam is included. Anything less than 2″ is unlikely to provide the same benefits as a true memory foam bed – and bigger dogs may need even more.
  • Washing and Protection. It’s important to make sure a bed’s foam it’s protected. Some come with inner waterproof liners, which are essential if your dog is incontinent or not house trained. Foam also can’t be washed, so an easy-to-remove, zippered and washable outer cover is vital (many dogs prefer ultra plush faux suede, microsuede or microfiber covers!) Be aware that there’s a difference between a water-resistant and truly waterproof liner.
  • Shredded or Whole Foam. Some manufacturers sell memory foam beds that contain shredded foam instead of slabs. While these beds can be comfortable, they don’t provide the same level of support, so I recommend solid foam for dogs with joint problems.
  • Size and Shape. The bed should be big enough for your dog to lay comfortably in any position – but with a focus on his favorite position. If he likes to curl against something when sleeping, get a bed with bolsters. If he likes to stretch out, a simple rectangle bed is the best choice.
  • Gel-Infused Vs. Regular. Most memory foam dog beds are made entirely from a viscoelastic material. This provides great support, but can be hot to sleep on. Gel-infused memory foam dog beds can prevent this issue as they offer greater air circulation. If your dog often overheats, cooling gel is a good choice.

If you’re not sure whether memory foam is the right choice for your pet, check out our best beds for dogs or puppies page. It provides an in-depth look at the different types of bed to help you make the right choice.

5 Best Memory Foam Beds for Dogs

Now you know what to look for, here are five of the best memory foam dog beds. While some of these beds contain layers of support foam, I’ve only included beds that provide at least 2″ of memory foam. There also aren’t any shredded foam beds on this list, as they don’t provide the same support for joints.

RankNamePrice RangeWhy Choose It...
#1Dogbed4less Orthopedic$$$High-quality bed that provides great support. Our top pick for a memory foam dog bed.
#2Milliard Premium Dog Bed$$A lower-budget alternative to the DogBed4Less that still provides comfortable support.
#3PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed$$$$An expensive option, but probably the best bolstered memory foam bed on the market.
#4Brindle Orthopedic Dog Bed$$$A great choice if you need a waterproof cover. Not thick enough for heavy breeds though.
#5BarkBox Gel & Memory Foam Dog Bed$$$Gel-infused layer of memory foam helps keep your dog cooler than alternatives.

1. Dogbed4less Orthopedic

1. Dogbed4less OrthopedicVIEW PRICE

The DogBed4Less is an excellent rectangular bed – and my top pick for a memory foam dog bed. With 4″ solid memory foam supporting your dog’s joints, he’ll feel much more comfortable and less sore after sleeping. It’s also available in 7 sizes, ranging from small to extra large for big dogs, so there’s almost certainly one that’s perfect for your pet.

One of the great features of the DogBed4Less is that it comes with two covers. The external denim cover has a zipper for easy removal and can be machine washed. There’s also an inner liner to protect the foam if your dog has an accident.

Unlike some of the other beds on this list, it is built with 4″ solid memory foam. The foam is high density to provide support for dogs of almost any weight. It may start to sag after a few years, but is durable enough to last a reasonable length of time. There’s also the option of buying replacement covers should they become damaged or worn.

Considering the price and great support, the DogBed4Less is a bargain if you’re looking for the best memory foam dog bed. It doesn’t have a bolster though, so there may be better options if your dog is a “cuddler.”

Why We Recommend It:

The DogBed4Less Orthopedic is an excellent memory foam pet bed. If your pet has joint pain, he’ll love the soft support provided by the bed. Even healthy dogs love sleeping on it though.

Key Features:
  • Type: Rectangular
  • Material: 4″ solid memory foam
  • Sizes Available: 35 x 20 inch, 37 x 27 inch, 40×35 inch, 41 x 27 inch, 47 x 29 inch, 53 x 37 inch, 55 x 47 inch
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Great support as it’s a truly orthopedic memory foam dog bed
  • Comes with two covers including a waterproof liner to protect the mattress
  • External cover is machine washable
  • No bolster (larger sleeping area but some dogs prefer to snuggle against something)

2. Milliard Premium Dog Bed

2. Milliard Premium Dog BedVIEW PRICE

Another excellent rectangular memory foam dog bed is the Milliard Premium. Unlike the DogBed4Less, it’s made from a 2″ layer of memory foam and 2″ layer of support. It still provides great support for your dog’s joints though – and the layered design keeps the cost down.

One of the great things about the Milliard is that it’s manufactured with high-quality 3-pound density memory foam. This prevents the mattress flattening over time. It only comes with a single cover, but this is designed to be both washable and waterproof (TPU coating) to protect the mattress. While it’s great that the cover provides some protection from accidents, it probably won’t completely protect the mattress should your dog have an accident.

Despite the high-quality construction, the Milliard is one of the cheapest memory foam dog beds on this list. If you don’t want to pay extra for the DogBed4Less, this is a great alternative that your dog will love (particularly if you have a small or medium breed.)

Why We Recommend It:

The Milliard Premium is a cheaper alternative to the DogBed4Less. It only has 2″ of memory foam, so it’s probably not as supportive for giant dogs, but for small or medium breeds it provides great support.

Key Features:
  • Type: Rectangular
  • Material: 2″ Memory Foam + 2″ Foam Base
  • Sizes Available: 24 x 18 inches, 34 x 22 inches, 40 x 35 inches, 46 x 35 inches
  • Price Range: $$
  • Great quality considering the low price
  • Comfortable support for your dog’s joints
  • Removable cover
  • Waterproof cover may not provide complete protection
  • 2″ memory foam not as supportive for heavy dogs

3. PetFusion Ultimate Bed & Lounge

The PetFusion is a great option if your dog likes bolsters

For dogs that love to snuggle when sleeping, the PetFusion is probably the best memory foam dog bed. With a solid 4″ memory foam base providing outstanding support, and filled bolsters acting as a pillow or wall, it offers a comfortable sleep for almost any dog.

The PetFusion Ultimate has appeared on several of our “Best Beds” lists due to its high-quality construction. It’s also available in four sizes, with the largest being suitable for dogs of up to 200lbs. Most importantly, the base provides excellent support and a comfortable place to sleep.

The cover is easy to remove and it also has a non-slip bottom surface. Like the Milliard Premium, the cover is designed to be waterproof, although it probably won’t completely protect the mattress should your dog have an accident.

When buying a bed with bolsters, remember  the actual sleeping surface is smaller than the dimensions of the bed. For this reason, you may need to choose a slightly larger bed than when buying a rectangular alternative. Fortunately, the PetFusion is available in several sizes, so whether you have a Chihuahua, Labrador or an even bigger breed, there’s probably a suitable option.

Why We Recommend It: While the PetFusion is one of the most expensive options on this list, I think it provides great value – and is also the best memory foam bolster dog bed. Dogs love the combination of supportive base and stuffed bolsters, plus it’s available in four sizes to suit almost any breed.
Key Features:
  • Type: Bolster / Nest
  • Material: 4″ solid memory foam base
  • Sizes Available: 25 x 20 inches, 36 x 28 inches, 44 x 34 inches, 50 x 40 inches
  • Price Range: $$$$
  • Great for dogs that like to snuggle
  • Solid foam provides firm-yet-comfortable support
  • Machine washable cover
  • No internal waterproof liner

4. Brindle Orthopedic Dog Bed

4. Brindle Orthopedic Dog BedVIEW PRICE

Another great dog bed is the Brindle 4″. It’s a high-quality bed that’s available for a reasonable price – plus it comes with a 3-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind.

Starting with the interior construction, the Brindle is built with 2″ of memory foam and 2″ of high density support foam. This means it provides great support for small or medium breeds, although the 2″ memory foam might be too thin to provide optimum support for larger dogs.

Unlike some of the other beds on this list, the Brindle comes with a 100% waterproof cover. This protects the memory foam mattress against accidents, making it one of the best choices if your dog is incontinent or not fully house trained.

I like that the bed comes with a soft velour cover, as this increases its comfort. The cover also has a zip, so it’s easy to remove and can be machine washed.

There are only three sizes available, with the biggest suitable for dogs of up to 75lbs. If your dog is larger than this, I recommend looking at one of the other options.

Why We Recommend It:

The Brindle is a great choice if you want a comfortable orthopedic bed with a fully waterproof cover. The extra soft cover also makes it one of the more luxurious beds for your dog to sleep on – although it’s not suitable for the heaviest breeds.

Key Features:
  • Type: Rectangular
  • Material: 2″ solid memory foam and 2″ support foam
  • Sizes Available: 22 x 16 inches, 34 x 22 inches, 46 x 28 inches
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Case is 100% waterproof to protect the mattress
  • Great support for small or medium dog breeds
  • Soft cover for optimum comfort
  • 2″ memory foam layer isn’t thick enough to support the biggest breeds

5. BarkBox Gel & Memory Foam Dog Bed

5. BarkBox Gel & Memory Foam Dog BedVIEW PRICE

The BarkBox is a gel-infused memory foam dog bed. While it’s made with solid foam, the top layer is memory foam that’s infused with gel to increase air circulation and prevent your dog becoming too hot. It’s a good option for long-haired breeds or those that find it difficult to regulate their temperature.

Most of the size options are built with 3″ of foam, which isn’t as thick as I would like. The bed still provides comfortable support for most dogs though. The largest size has 5″ of foam, making it better suited to heavy dogs.

Aside from the mattress, the BarkBox comes with a machine washable and waterproof cover. It’s also available in several colours, including grey, blue, sand and espresso.

Despite the gel-infused foam, the BarkBox has some drawbacks which is why it’s #5 on this list. The biggest is that the foam is only 3″ thick (unless you buy the X-Large or above). While this won’t be a problem for lighter breeds, thicker foam provides better support for heavy dogs.

It’s also not designed to withstand heavy chewing or scratching (check out our page on the best chew proof beds for better alternatives).

Until recently, the largest size was just 42″, which was cramped for large dogs. Fortunately, BarkBox has adjusted their sizing and released a 50″ XX-Large option, which is better for big breeds.

Overall, for dogs who don’t chew and that often overheat, it’s a great option that provides excellent value for money.

Why We Recommend It:

The BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed has a gel-infused top layer to help your pet regulate his body temperature. It also has a machine-washable cover and provides comfortable support for joints. It’s not as thick as other beds on this list though.

Key Features:
  • Type: Rectangular Pet Bed
  • Material: Foam base with with gel infused memory foam top layer (thickness depends on size)
  • Sizes Available: 16 x 24 inches (3 inches deep), 18 x 29 inches (3 inches deep), 22 x 35 inches (3 inches deep), 29 x 41 inches (4 inches deep), 34 x 50 inches (5 inches deep)
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Gel-infused top layer to keep your pet cool
  • Comfortable support for joints
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Excellent value for money and a great choice for medium or small dogs
  • Not durable enough to withstand chewing
  • Only 3″ thick (aside from the X-Large and XX-Large options)


Memory foam dog beds are a great choice if your dog suffers from joint pain or arthritis. They aren’t just for medical purposes though – healthy dogs also love the supportive surface that molds to their body position.

My top recommendation is the DogBed4Less Orthopedic dog bed. It’s a great bed that’s made from 100% memory foam, so it provides excellent support. If your dog likes to snuggle against something when sleeping, the PetFusion is probably the best choice. And if you just want an orthopedic bed but don’t necessarily need memory foam, check out our article on the best orthopedic beds for dogs.

Do you want to ask a question about choosing the best memory foam dog bed for your pet? Or have I missed a comfortable and supportive bed that you think I should add? Let me know in the comments section!

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