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6 Best Dog Frisbee and Disc Reviews (2022)

Frisbees are a great way to exercise your energetic dog, but it’s important to choose the right type to keep your pup safe. Read on to discover the best dog frisbees for fun-filled games of fetch. 

For energetic and athletic pups, frisbees are the perfect toy for a fast-paced game of fetch. Unlike a ball, frisbees glide through the air and descend gradually, giving your dog plenty of opportunities to catch them as they fly. 

Not only are they a ton of fun for your pup, but frisbee throwing is also less tiresome for human arms. You can easily throw a frisbee farther than a ball with much less effort, so you can give your pooch a good run without wearing yourself out. 

While frisbees are awesome for playing with your pup, they don’t come without risks. It might be easier for you, but frisbee fetch is a physically demanding game for your dog, and as always, safety must come first. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose a specially-designed dog frisbee to ensure you and your pooch stay safe. Dog-specific frisbees protect your dog’s teeth and gums, are easier to grip, and much more comfortable to hold. It’s also essential to keep frisbee games short and watch closely for signs of overexertion. 

In this guide, I’ll explain how to choose the perfect dog frisbee for you and your pup. I’ve also recommended six of the best dog frisbees on the market right now – so you can find your ideal match!   

Note: “Frisbee” is a trademarked name. While terms like “flying disk”, “flier” or “dog disk”  are more accurate, we’ve used the name “frisbee” interchangeably in this article. 

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

Our #1 Pick: Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

Durable and soft frisbee that’s great for most dogs

Our top pick for a dog frisbee is the excellent Kong Classic Flyer. Made with flexible rubber, the Kong flies a good distance and is relatively gentle on your pup’s teeth. It’s also available in two sizes.

Is a Frisbee or Flying Disc Safe for Dogs?

Playing frisbee with your pooch can be great fun. 

Not only do you get quality time with your pup, but it’s also an excellent way for you both to get some exercise. However, just like any form of exercise, playing frisbee with your pup comes with some risks. 

Your dog could hurt themselves as they leap and twist in the air to catch the frisbee, injure their joints upon landing, or run themselves to exhaustion if given the chance. 

These risks are greater in competitive frisbee training and competitions, but you should still take precautions during relaxed games to ensure your pooch enjoys playtime as safely as possible.

Dogs also benefit from slower walks where they have time to sniff and explore. While frisbees can be fun, they shouldn’t replace regular walks.

Safety Tips for Playing Frisbee

Frisbee is an energetic game that presents a degree of risk if played irresponsibly. 

By following our simple safety tips, you and your pup can have fun while limiting the potential for injury.

  • Keep your dog hydrated. Dehydration can be very dangerous, and your dog will lose water quickly during intense exercise. Always make sure your dog has fresh water available during play. 
  • Keep play sessions short. Don’t let your dog dictate the length of your play sessions. Energetic and exuberant breeds, in particular, often don’t know when to stop. No matter how much your pup wants to keep playing, it’s up to you to know when to call it a day and give them a break. Frisbee is a very demanding game, so it’s important not to over-exercise your pup. Keep your play sessions short to prevent exhaustion and reduce the risk of joint damage from repeated impact. 
  • Sun isn’t always fun. A sunny day may seem perfect for a game of frisbee, but if it’s warm outside you should give it a miss. Running and leaping in the heat, even for a short time, is a recipe for fast exhaustion and dehydration. To keep your furry friend safe and comfortable, only play frisbee in cool conditions. 
  • Throw it low. As tempting as it may be to see how high your pup can leap, you should always throw the frisbee at an easily achievable angle for your dog. If you throw it at too high an angle, your pup is more likely to twist in the air as they catch it – risking injury to the neck and spine. Additionally, the higher your dog leaps, the further they have to fall, thus increasing the strain on their joints as they land. 
  • Avoid hard surfaces. Never play frisbee with your pup on a hard surface. Hard surfaces provide no shock absorption as your pup lands, which places stress on their joints and paw pads. Instead, stick to soft surfaces like grass, dirt, sand or snow for playtime.  
  • Stick to doggy frisbees. Only use frisbees designed for canine fun. Cheap frisbees designed for humans may shatter as your pup clamps their jaws around them and cut their mouth. We’ll go into more detail about how to choose the best frisbee for your dog later in this guide.

Which Dogs Can Play Frisbee?

Frisbee is a demanding game that is best suited to working and athletic dog breeds who are healthy and have a lot of energy to burn. 

Brachycephalic breeds that have short snouts, such as Pugs, French Bulldogs and Shih Tzu’s, are not well suited to playing frisbee (or any fetch games for that matter). 

These breeds suffer from breathing issues, and struggle with intense physical activity. They can easily overheat and become exhausted during exercise. Their anatomy also makes it more difficult for them to pick up objects, such as a frisbee, without restricting their breathing.

You should also avoid playing frisbee with elderly dogs or those with joint problems. Frisbee is a high-impact game that could cause serious damage to their weakened joints, even if they only play for a short time. 

If you have a puppy, it’s recommended to wait until they are a little older before playing frisbee. Depending on the breed, a puppy’s joints may not be fully developed until a year old. Engaging in vigorous exercise too soon can lead to deformities and disability in their adult life. 

Always check with your vet before starting to play frisbee with your pup, especially if they have health problems or are a breed prone to skeletal issues such as hip dysplasia. 

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended With a Frisbee

No matter how much your dog loves their frisbee, never leave them unattended with it. 

Frisbees are not chew toys – they are designed to be used in supervised play only. 

Often made from cloth, foam or soft rubber, a frisbee can be chewed up pretty easily, especially if you have a large dog or a determined chewer. Your dog can choke or become dangerously ill if they swallow small pieces, so always store them out of reach.

6 Best Frisbees for Dogs 

Ready to play? Listed below are six of the best frisbees for dogs, with an option for every type of pup. 

Note: We haven’t included harder frisbees for the “Disc Dog” sport in this section. Our reviews only feature soft frisbees for fun, relaxed, and safe games of fetch with your best friend. 

RankNameMaterialWhy Choose It...
#1Kong Classic Flyer FrisbeeRubberFlexible frisbee that flies well and is soft on your dog's teeth. Our top pick.
#2Ruffwear Hydro Plane Floating DiscFoam inner, nylon outerFilled with buoyant foam, making it a great choice for dogs who love the water.
#3Hyperflite Jawz HyperFlex Pup DiscFlexible plasticAerodynamic frisbee that's more flexible than the company's other models.
#4Chuckit! Zipflight Disc Dog ToyNylon and foamAvailable in two sizes, including a small that's great for smaller dogs.
#5Hyperflite Pet Flippy FlopperRubber and nylonAn ultra-lightweight frisbee that still flies reasonably well. It also floats.
#6Starmark Easy GlideFoamDecent frisbee for medium or large dogs who want to play in water.

1. Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

Made from soft and flexible rubber, the Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee is a great choice for playtime with your pup. 

Available in two sizes – small (7.5”) and large (9”) – this frisbee is lightweight and effortless to throw accurately. It flies a good distance before drifting to the ground, so your dog can enjoy the thrill of the chase. 

We like the deep red color that stands out against the sky and makes it easier for your pup to see. The flexible material is soft and forgiving, so it won’t damage teeth or gums as they snatch it out of the air. Its inherent bendiness also means your dog can pick it up from the ground without any struggle. 

KONG products are known for their durability, and this frisbee is no exception. However, it’s not indestructible. If you have a determined chewer or a strong dog who likes to play tug of war, they’ll still be able to chomp their way through it fairly quickly. 

We recommend opting for the smaller size for small or toy breeds, while the large size is perfect for medium to large dogs. This frisbee is great for use in the yard, on the beach or at the dog park, but, as it doesn’t float, your pup will have to stay on dry land while playing catch. 

Why We Recommend It: The Kong Classic Flyer is one of the best dog frisbees on the market. It’s available in two sizes, made of flexible rubber, and is easy to see. The Flyer is also a durable option that flies well, although it’s not a chew toy.
Key Features:
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Small – 7.5-inch diameter, Large – 9-inch diameter
  • Floats?: No
  • Made with flexible rubber
  • Flies well for a rubber frisbee
  • Durable construction
  • Doesn’t float

2. Ruffwear Hydro Plane Floating Disc

2. Ruffwear Hydro Plane Floating DiscVIEW PRICE

If your dog loves the water, then the Ruffwear Hydro Plane Floating Disc could be their perfect match. Filled with buoyant foam, this frisbee is ideal for fun-filled games of fetch with your pup at the beach, lake, or riverside. 

The Ruffwear Hydro Plane is brightly colored to contrast against the surface of the water as it floats, so your dog can easily spot it and swim out to retrieve it. Just make sure your pup wears a lifejacket!

Available in red or blue, but in only one size, this 12-inch frisbee is best suited to medium to large breeds. Even though it is fairly lightweight, smaller dogs may find it a little too big to enjoy. Soft and flexible, this frisbee won’t hurt your dog’s mouth and is durable enough to withstand hours of play.

The only minor downside to this frisbee is its aerodynamics. Because it’s so light, it doesn’t fly far when compared to those made of firmer materials. You may also find that it takes some practice to get it to go in the desired direction. 

It’s still heaps of fun though, and it can easily stand up to punishment from water-loving pooches.

Why We Recommend It:

The Ruffwear is one of the best options for a water frisbee, as it’s made with buoyant foam. It’s brightly coloured, making it easier to see, and is relatively lightweight. It’s probably too big for small dogs though (and don’t expect it to fly as far as a plastic frisbee.)

Key Features:
  • Material: Foam inner, nylon outer
  • Size: 12-inches diameter
  • Floats?: Yes
  • Buoyant for playing in water
  • Relatively durable
  • Lightweight design
  • Probably too big for small breeds

3. Hyperflite Jawz HyperFlex Pup Disc

Hyperflite Jawz HyperFlex Disc

If you have an energetic pooch, then the Hyperflite Jaws Hyperflex Pup Disc is a great choice for both small and large dogs. Unlike their hard plastic options, which are designed for the Disc Dog sport, this model is gentler on your pups’ mouth, while still being an excellent flyer.

This frisbee has an aerodynamic design that’s crafted to fly long distances and give your pup a good run. Easy to throw, even for beginners, we like that the flying disk is durable and puncture-resistant. This makes it excellent for strong dogs who bite down hard when snatching toys out of the air. 

The purple color may not stand out as well as brighter colored options in the grass. However, this frisbee has “X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology” – so your pooch can easily track it across the sky without getting dazzled in the sun.

Due to its 7″ diameter, the Hyperflite is more suitable for toy breeds or smaller pups who like to play fetch than previous Hyperflite models. This model doesn’t float, however, so water-loving pups won’t get as much enjoyment out of it. 

It may be one of the pricier choices on the market, but this tough, highly-aerodynamic frisbee is ideal for energetic dogs who require lots of exercise. 

Why We Recommend It: The Hyperflite Pup Disc is an aerodynamic choice that flies a good distance. It’s not as hard as Hyperflite’s regular discs, making it kinder to your dog’s teeth, but has a similar design and features. We also like the 7″ diameter, which is suitable for smaller dogs.
Key Features:
  • Material: Flexible plastic
  • Size: 7-inches diameter
  • Floats?: No
  • Great flyer
  • More flexible than other Hyperflite frisbees
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Doesn’t float

4. Chuckit! Zipflight Disc Dog Toy

Zipflight Disc Dog Toy

If you have a smaller pup who loves the water, this lightweight, buoyant frisbee by Chuckit! could be just what they need.

Available in two sizes, small (6-inches) and medium (9-inches), the Chuckit! Zipflight Disk Dog Toy is soft and gentle on your pups’ teeth and gums. Its multilayer construction is fairly durable for play, but it’s not tough enough to resist determined chewers. 

Featuring an aerodynamic design, the Chuckit is comfortable to throw and flies good distances, so both you and your dog can enjoy a fun game of fetch. The neon colors stand out against the water for easy recognition, but remember to make sure your pup wears a life jacket if swimming. 

At 9-inches in diameter, the medium frisbee is suitable for medium-sized breeds. If you have a very large or strong pooch, we’d recommend going for a bigger and more durable option for long-lasting fun. 

Why We Recommend It: The Chuckit is a floating frisbee that’s available in two sizes. The smaller is brilliant for toy breeds, while the medium is suitable for most other breeds. It’s also a good flyer and is easy to see, due to the neon colors.
Key Features:
  • Material: Nylon and foam
  • Size: Small (6-inches diameter), Medium (9-inches diameter)
  • Floats?: Yes
  • Floating frisbee
  • Available in a 6″ size
  • Gentle on your dog’s teeth
  • Not as durable as other options

5. Hyperflite Pet Flippy Flopper

5. Hyperflite Pet Flippy FlopperVIEW PRICE

The Hyperflite Pet Flippy Flopper is a super lightweight and flexible option, making it a great pick for energetic pups. 

Perfect for households with more than one pooch, this brightly-colored frisbee is easy for your dog to see and comes as a pack of two.

At 9-inches in diameter, it’s suitable for small to medium-sized pups who love a good game of fetch. The Flippy Flopper is also made from a combination of rubber and durable nylon that’s gentle on your dogs’ mouth for safe and comfortable fun. 

This frisbee flies well and is easy to throw decent distances. It’s also buoyant, so is great for pups who like to play fetch in the water, too. However, if your dog likes to swim, make sure they wear a life jacket.

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is also pretty durable. But if you have a large dog or a chew-happy pup, it may not last long before becoming ripped.

All in all, the Hyperflite Pet Flippy Flopper is a great pick for hours of fun with your pup on both dry land and by the water. We like that it’s lightweight, flexible and easy to throw, while the 2-pack is an economical choice if you have more than one pooch to buy for. 

Why We Recommend It:

The Hyperflite Flippy Flopper is mostly made of nylon, making it one of the most lightweight and gentle frisbees on the market. It also floats and flies surprisingly well – although don’t expect it to match harder frisbees.

Key Features:
  • Material: Rubber and nylon
  • Size: 9-inches diameter
  • Floats?: Yes
  • Nylon design that’s gentle on teeth
  • Lightweight design
  • Floats in water
  • Doesn’t fly as far as harder frisbees

6. Starmark Easy Glide DuraFoam Flying Disc Dog Toy

Starmark Easy Glide DuraFoam Flying Disc Dog Toy

Last, but by no means least, is the DuraFoam Flying Disk Dog Toy by Starmark. 

Available in a choice of two sizes (9-inches or 11-inches,) this foam frisbee is a good choice for fun-loving pups who have lots of energy to burn. It comes in a variety of bright, easy to spot colors, so your dog can’t miss it. 

The Starmark is made from a single piece of patented “DuraFoam,” which makes it lightweight and comfortable to use. Even if you’re new to playing frisbee with your pup, this model will fly straight and far with little effort. Its foam design is soft and won’t hurt your dog’s mouth as they grab it out of the air. 

Another benefit of its foam design is its buoyancy. This frisbee will float easily on the water’s surface, so your pup can play catch in and out of the water (while wearing their life jacket, of course!) We also like that its shape can double as a water bowl, so your pup can stay hydrated on hot days. 

This flying disk is durable enough to withstand being snatched out of the air by large dogs, but the foam material is unlikely to last if your dog is an avid chewer. We also think its size and thickness makes it less suitable for small pups, who may struggle to pick it up off the ground.

Overall, the Starmark frisbee is a good option for medium to large pups who enjoy playing catch in and out of the water. Its foam construction is gentle on your dogs’ mouth, while the option to use it as an emergency water bowl is great for summer trips.

Why We Recommend It: The Starmark is a great frisbee for bigger dogs who need to burn off energy. It’s made from lightweight foam that flies well, yet shouldn’t hurt your dog’s mouth. It also floats and can even double as a makeshift water bowl.
Key Features:
  • Material: Foam
  • Size: 9-inches, 11-inches
  • Floats?: Yes
  • Foam design that’s lightweight
  • Floats in water
  • Flies well
  • Probably not suitable for small dog breeds

How to Choose the Best Dog Frisbee for Your Pup

Ready to treat your pup to the frisbee of their dreams, but not sure which is best? 

The right frisbee for your dog will depend on their breed, size, personality and where you both like to play fetch. 

In this section, we’ll show you how to make the perfect choice.

Your Dog’s Safety Comes First

The best frisbee for your dog isn’t the one that flies the farthest or goes the highest – it’s the one they can play with safely. 

Always choose a dog-specific frisbee for your pup. Cheap, plastic frisbees that are designed for human playtime on the beach are not comfortable or safe for your dog. 

Human frisbees are shaped differently and may be difficult for your dog to pick up from the ground and carry in their mouth. They also aren’t tough enough to withstand your dog’s bite and may shatter into sharp pieces, cutting their gums and tongue. Your dog might even swallow some of these pieces, leading to an emergency trip to the vet. 

Frisbees that are designed to fly long distances or at a high angle should be avoided. You want your dog to have fun without feeling pressured to leap too high and hurting themselves. Therefore, you should choose a frisbee that is easy for you to throw at a safe height for your pup. 

Soft or Hard?

Flying disks for dogs are made from a variety of materials. These can be grouped into two general categories: soft frisbees and hard frisbees

Soft Frisbees

Safe, durable and lightweight – we think soft frisbees are the best choice when playing with your dog. 

Usually made from nylon, rubber or foam, soft frisbees are flexible, lightweight and easy to throw. They are also gentle on your dogs’ mouth, reducing the risk of damage to their teeth and gums as they play. 

Soft frisbees are great for use in all environments, whether you’re having a day at the beach with your pup or hanging out in the yard at home. 

Unlike heavy, hard frisbees, you can throw them without fear of breaking a window or bruising your neighbors. Your dog will find a soft frisbee easier to pick up from the ground, and, should it get damaged, there won’t be any sharp edges to worry about. 

Soft flying disks for dogs are also the most durable option. Due to their flexible design, soft dog frisbees have more “give”, and will easily bend upon impact or as your dog bites down on them. This means that they will last longer, as a damaged frisbee isn’t much use for flying! 

On the downside, nylon fabric or foam soft frisbees don’t fly as far as firmer alternatives. Flexible rubber choices may fare slightly better, but they also tend to be heavier and so fall to the ground faster. 

Hard Frisbees

Usually made from plastic, hard dog frisbees will fly farther and more accurately than soft options. However, that’s where the benefits end. 

Hard frisbees are harsher on your dogs’ mouth, which can cause injury to their teeth and gums as they snatch it out of the air. Because they are less forgiving, they’re also less durable and won’t last as long as a soft frisbee with regular play.

Perhaps the biggest risk with hard dog frisbees is the potential for sharp edges. If they get broken, cracked or punctured, the exposed shards of plastic can easily cut you or your dog. They are also more likely to splinter if chewed, which can be very dangerous if swallowed. 

Durable Design

No matter how tough they claim to be, there’s no such thing as an indestructible dog frisbee. However, some types are more durable than others. 

Thanks to their flexible design, soft dog frisbees are the best option for long-lasting fun. Nylon and rubber options can stand up well to a strong bite from large dogs, while foam frisbees are best suited to pups who are gentler with their toys

It’s important to keep in mind that frisbees are not designed to be chew toys. So, if you let your dog chomp away on it between throws, you’ll be back to the store to buy a replacement in no time!

Even if the frisbee gets a little bit chewed out of shape, this will affect its aerodynamics and result in poorer throws. If your dog likes to chew, make sure to have a dedicated chew toy to hand.

Correct Size for Your Small or Big Dog

When deciding upon the best frisbee for your dog, size and weight are important factors. 

Many frisbees come in a choice of sizes. For smaller pups, a 6-inch to 8-inch frisbee is best, while larger breeds are best suited to frisbees that are at least 8-9-inches in diameter. This will make them easier to hold, carry and snatch out of the air. 

Heavier soft frisbees are usually made from rubber and will fly further and faster than lightweight ones. Weighty rubber frisbees are good for medium to large breeds that can easily chase them down, but they’re not so good for small pups that may struggle to get up the pace. 

Small dogs will also find heavy frisbees more difficult to pick up and carry back to you, so they’re better suited to more lightweight choices made from nylon fabric or foam. 

Throwing Environment

The best flying disc toy for your pup will also depend on where you’re going to be using it. 

If you’re planning on relaxed games in the yard, then a nylon frisbee is your best bet. This type of frisbee won’t fly too far, so there’s less chance of losing it up a tree or over your neighbor’s fence. As they are also lightweight, you won’t have to worry too much about breaking anything if your throw doesn’t go quite as planned!

For fun games of fetch in wide-open spaces, nylon and flexible rubber frisbees are all good choices. Rubber frisbees will travel further due to their heavier weight, but nylon types can still reach a good distance if you put some power behind them. 

If your dog is a water-loving pup, then a buoyant foam frisbee or a nylon model that has a foam inner are the best options. Just be sure your pooch always wears their doggy life jacket when swimming. 

Consider the Color

The color of frisbee you choose isn’t terribly important, but it’s worth picking bright colors that stand out against the background environment so that your pup will be able to easily see it. 

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not color blind, but they do see the world a little differently to us humans. 

Both you and your pooch have a combination of ‘cones’ and ‘rods’ within the retina of your eye. Cones are better at detecting colors, while rods are more useful for seeing in low light conditions. 

Your pup has more rods than cones in their retina, so they cannot see colors quite as well as you can.

Studies have shown that dogs can see purple, red, blue and yellow colors better than others. So, if possible, choose a dog disc with one of these shades to make sure your pup never misses a throw. 


Used responsibly, dog frisbees are a fantastic tool for fun-filled games of fetch with your pup. Easier to throw than a ball, frisbees can glide long distances and give your dog plenty of opportunity to burn off their excess energy. 

The right kind of frisbee for your pooch will depend on their breed, size and where they like to play. 

For small pups who love to play fetch, the Chuckit! Zipflight Disc Dog Toy is our favorite choice. Available in a petite size just 6-inches across, this lightweight and durable frisbee is easy for your little dog to pick up and carry back to you ready for the next throw. 

Larger dogs that can run at pace will enjoy the Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee. Soft and flexible, this rubber disk flies a good distance with little effort, so your dog can enjoy the thrill of the hunt. 

Alternatively, for dogs with a strong bite, the Hyperflite Jawz HyperFlex Disc is a good choice. Far-flying and highly-durable, this model can withstand the toothy chomp of a bigger pooch that loves to run and leap.

And finally, for water-pups that enjoy a good swim during playtime, a buoyant frisbee is the only real choice. 

Bigger dogs will have a great time with the Starmark Easy Glide DuraFoam Flying Disc Dog Toy or the Ruffwear Hydro Plane Floating Disc, while smaller pups will love the lightweight Hyperflite Pet Flippy Flopper for water-based play. Just don’t forget their doggy life jacket!

What do you think? Will you be buying one of these dog frisbees for your pup? Be sure to let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

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