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Megan Kriss has been a writer and editor for about five years and a lover of dogs for her whole life. She lives in Georgia with her Border Collie and Chow Chow mix, Ginger, her two cats, Pepper and Misha, and her fiance, Matthew.

A guide to when dogs stop growing

When Do Dogs Stop Growing in Size?

By Megan Kriss | Dog Q&A

Nothing’s cuter than a wiggly puppy, but dogs don’t stay puppies forever. Find out when you can expect your dog to stop growing depending on breed, diet and other considerations. There are many reasons you might want to know when your puppy is going to stop growing. Maybe you want to know when to switch […]

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A guide to brushing a short-haired dog

How to Brush a Dog With Short Hair

By Megan Kriss | Dog Grooming

Want to make sure you’re brushing your short-haired dog correctly? Keep reading for everything you need to know about brushing a dog with short hair. Short-haired dogs are, generally, easier to groom than their long-haired counterparts. That’s not an excuse to cut corners though! Brushing any dog is vital for maintaining their health. It removes […]

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A guide to sizing a dog door

What Size Doggie Door Do I Need?

By Megan Kriss | Dog Q&A

Wondering what size dog door you need for your canine companion? Here’s how to appropriately size a door for any dog. Dog doors are great for providing your pet with more freedom. While they can’t replace walks, which are essential for your pet’s wellbeing, a pet door means you don’t need to take your dog […]

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Why adopt a shelter dog

7 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

By Megan Kriss | Dog Breeds

Considering adopting a shelter dog? Here are 7 reasons you absolutely should! There are lots of reasons to get a dog. Aside from being a loving companion, dogs can lower your stress levels, make great exercise buddies, and generally improve your quality of life. While you can buy a dog from a breeder or pet […]

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